A Poem to Close the Miles

Kev and MikiI’m away from home just now, down in Almeria with my son. It is bittersweet; wonderful to see him, yet so hard to be apart from Miki, my partner and muse. Yet “partner” doesn’t really say it. There is a colloquialism in English, “My other half”. In our case, Miki really is the other half of my soul, and we’re pulled apart, it hurts.

I found a poem in my flat down here that I wrote to her when we were apart around a year ago. I think it’s still relevant, perhaps even more so; and at the risk of sounding like a hopeless romantic, here it is, for all of you together, but apart.

It’s late now, twenty-five past two, and how I wish I was with you

Left pondering a night alone, a house perhaps, but not a home

Without you here, its soul is gone, it’s not a place to live as one

A solitary in the night, it’s difficult to not take flight

To take the highway back to you, for better than the one, is two

The fan above that shapes a breeze, is deaf to my unanswered pleas

That, with the early morning light, I’ll wake to find you by my side

And so I soldier on until, I make the journey mile by mile

And turn the corner up the hill, and bathe again in your sweet smile.

Kev Moore


3 Responses to “A Poem to Close the Miles”

  1. So touching to find this entry, Kevin! Yes, it is hart to be apart, as I wrote somewhere else:
    “I just miss Kevin and don´t feel human any more! This is the problem when one loves too much… one doesn´t exist anymore when one is apart!”
    By the way: you are not a hopeless romantic.
    Romantic, yes, and this is wonderful!
    Hopeless, not, because all our hopes become true…

    Ta seconde moitié

  2. An old Jewish aphorism states that one is merely half a person until one finds the missing part to complete them each. I am happy that the two of you have that kind of relationship. Blessings!

  3. Thanks for your kind words Soylent!

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