A Poem and a Picture

B S Wattenbuttel

I dabbled a little in nonsense verse when writing the song STRAWBERRY HOUSE, and decided to take it a little further with this little offering about a strange man:

B.S. Wattenbuttel

B.S.Wattenbuttel lived in a room
That he kept very clean with an imaginary broom
He would sweep all the dust and the cobwebs away
With a wave of his hand, but just the same, they would stay
And the days turned to months and the months turned to years
And B.S.Wattenbuttel was up to his ears
In the dust and the cobwebs he thought he’d removed
He feared he might die, and so it was proved
There was no fuss or inquest when he was found dead
For B.S.Wattenbuttel never got out of bed.

 Copyright Kev Moore 2007


9 Responses to “A Poem and a Picture”

  1. Nice story. Can be told as a night story to kids and maybe, why not??? Write a children’s book.

  2. Also, nice drawing!!!

  3. Thanks for the comments, regarding a children’s book…we’re working on it!

  4. Yeah sweet poem and pic combo… i don’t know about the children’s book with this work though… might freak them out a bit.

  5. Thanks shakaaaaa, I know what you mean about the kids,,,but some of Roald Dahls stuff is seriously out there!

  6. I love this! It sucked me right in.

  7. you’ve got a real talent here, man. wld love to see more stuff from you. especially the literary ones

  8. Kind words, Redfist, thanks man! I’m working on two novels, but its a tough discipline! My aim is to finish at least one before I die. Time’s running out….:-)

  9. You’re a very talented guy! Now your blog is on my read list 🙂

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