Goodbye, old friend, the world awaits

To show me sights first hand

That you have me taught ages past

The wonder of strange lands

And filled my head with dreams

That I was fated to pursue

In short, the path my future takes

Is chiefly down to you

You fired such an ambition

In my soul to see the world

That I really never doubted

How my life would be unfurled

So, as the fuelling lines

Are disconnected from the craft

I´ll miss our cosy fireside chats

Your deep infectious laugh

Filled with such curiosity

I questioned everything

You never failed to answer

And fixed me with a grin

Farewell old man, but I´ll be back

No reason to be sad

I´ll bring you tales to rival yours

Grandpa, I never had

Words: Kev Moore, Copyright 18.07.2006

Art by Miki


11 Responses to “Departure”

  1. Someone honored and remembered not for what they did in life but for who they were. This is a universal message and a great collaboration Miki and Kev.

  2. Thank you Michael. In this instance, the Poem was inspired by the painting, and I wanted to convey the gratitude and respect of a young man, who, denied the chance to know his own Grandfather, nevertheless had an older mentor to guide him. I saw that in the painting, and hope I articulated it well.

  3. Kev is a really nice poem, I have lost a dear colleague recently and I can understand how you were inspired by the catching art.

  4. Absolutely…beautiful.

  5. Thank you both, msecchi, and ninamm, for your kind comments,

  6. psychscribe Says:

    This really touched me, Kevin. The sense of simultaneous ending and beginning, so beautifully captured….and the lovely relationship (if I may use that word 🙂 between Miki’s illustrations and your words.
    I’m finding your site to be such a treasure to explore! Thank you! I’m adding you to my blogroll.

  7. Thank you so much for your kind words Maggie! May you continue to enjoy what we do here. And yes, there IS a relationship between our “art-forms” if you will. The bouncing of ideas off each other is frenetic, and seemingly inexhaustible, I love it!

  8. Waouhhh! I really love it! I was not expected this end, I was surprised and so, very touched. Like we use to say in France : “j’ai pris une gifle!”, but a nostalgic and emotional one. MERCI

  9. Et merci a toi, Contessine!

  10. Wow! Nice artwork at your site!

  11. Thanks, Ep, its chiefly down to my partner Miki, she’s the painter, I occasionally chuck in a few cartoons and suchlike!

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