He Paints the Stars

He paints the stars


We reach the city at world´s end
Its yellowed granite walls enclose
This wondrous time-worn edifice
That kept out ancient foes

And if you look you´ll see
The lofty ladders from afar
Where young and old are trained for years
To climb and paint the stars

The great and good, with firm intent
Proceed to paint the firmament
And comets, moons and planets all
Will fall beneath their brushes thrall

For this city is no normal place
Existing in both time and space
Across the heavens it will race
To paint its twinkling splendour

The love, exceeded only by
The magic that is in their eyes
When painting sights that make men cry
This heavenly endeavour

And so, the young boy, keen to learn
Will patiently await his turn
A goodness in him brightly burns
And fires the brush in hand

He paints with preternatural speed
Swiftly accomplishing his deed
The starlight in the heavens freed
To light a distant land

Kevin Moore, copyright 2007

Art by Miki


14 Responses to “He Paints the Stars”

  1. Hey… found your blog through wordpress and wanted to let you know how much I like it!! Keep up the good work and check out my blog when you have a chance: http://www.rpigate.wordpress.com

    John Pigate

  2. Which comes first the painting or the poem? I like both here. BTW Kevin, do you ever read Robert Service’s poems. This poem reminds me of him.

  3. Hi Lisa, thanks for the comment, no, I’m not familiar with Robert Service, but I shall check him out. Regarding which comes first; its the painting. I have written a number of poems inspired by Miki’s paintings, and even begun to put music to the poetry too, taking it a stage further. The process started to go full circle, with Miki beginning to imagine a story behind the artwork she was producing, which she never did before. We took this idea on the road, presenting paintings, poetry and music as a “third” art form at some large events here in Spain.

  4. Yes, Kevin always sees in my paintings 1000 things which i didn´t put into them! He always tries to convince me to try the contrary process, By that I mean to illustrate his poems or stories, but of course it is much more difficult, and above all I would miss my beloved freedom!

  5. That is awesome you two. How quickly do you create a painting like this Miki? I’m wondering if you all work together on stage?

    You’re in Spain? I hate you…

  6. Thanks so much Lisa, well, when we do our Presentations, the Paintings are completed, and as I narrate the poems (often with my own musical compostions as the backtrack) Miki places them on the easels for the audience to see. (A bit like the girl that walks round the boxing ring with “round 5″ held aloft) We’ve been considering using a large screen and overhead projector, but of course it means taking very high quality photos of the paintings in order to project a sharp image.
    What’s that song by Three Dog Night? Well I’ve never been to Spain, but I’ve been to California…”

  7. This kind of painting is the result of a two parts process. First I make a kind of background with a special technique, and this goes very quickly. Then i wait till visions emerge from that background in front of my inner eye. This can last a long time! But when the visions have appeared, I normally don´t need more than one hour to paint them on the background.

  8. THis makes my heart soar with hope! I think if I saw you do this in person I’d be the one with the kleenex to my eyes.

    Miki, i approach paintings similarly, but I get so bogged down in the completion part. Maybe I’ll set a one hour timer and not allow myself more. But I’ll need your blessings to pull it off.

    I’m interested in what you thought of this image when you finished it Miki. Tell me off line if you don’t want it to get in the way of Kev’s beautiful words.

  9. Susan, I like the One hour timer idea, it could lead to some interesting stuff! Lovely to see you here in the Muse, stop by anytime!

  10. Okay, Miki, so you paint the background of several paintings making sure that you have an inspiration going well in advance of a performance. If it only takes you one hour, your demo combined with Kevin’s poems/accompaniment would be a great presentation. Or do you find you can’t work in front of others? Anyway, I also love the idea of the slide show. You would need good photos though.

    If you guys travel, when are you coming to LA?

  11. The starlight in the heavens freed
    To light a distant land
    This says it all Kev and Miki.

  12. Lisa, when I toured the States, the nearest I got to LA was Long Beach, hopefully on our travels Miki and I will rectify that.

  13. Michael, thanks, as always

  14. Susan – I don´t think you should work with the clock, or if you do it, just as an exercise. Although we are similar in our way of approaching a painting, we are very different in the following steps. I think you are more disciplined than I am, and more patient, and more perfectionist. And you need to paint according to YOUR character, what you always do, and which leads to wonderful results. I get always bored with lines, and with forms, and with colours, and there is a compulsion within me to throw them away. He has to do with my hate for security. I think one can see that in my painings.

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