The Winged Messenger

The winged messenger

I thought I´d share another of my poems inspired by Miki´s paintings with you today. It´s a rare thing, to have a Muse that fires your creativity. In almost every case, when I look into one of Mikis´paintings, I am transported to another world, and feel the need to write about it. Here is one of the results.

The Winged Messenger

Solitary, the winged messenger precedes
The fateful gathering of the seas
As water does the planet´s will
An ancient prophecy fulfilled

The town, oblivious, sleeps till dawn
The cry of warning, now forlorn,
is lost upon the boiling foam
that threatens every house and home

Scant moments of tranquility remained
Now stolen by the sea
And soon that lovely bird will soar
O´er cities that exist no more

Words by Kev Moore

Art by Miki

Copyright 2007


15 Responses to “The Winged Messenger”

  1. It might be great for you to have a muse firing your creativity, but in the same way it is great for me to have a writer expanding my paintings to some new dimensions!
    And to be honest: I have the feeling that Kevin understands my paintings better than I do myself!

  2. Love this one too! I envision a whole series of collaborative work like this with you two on global warming. A book! A video! and more.

  3. Interesting idea! Im recording a song on my next collaborative CD with Saxon’s Graham Oliver on just that subject.

  4. […] to another world, and feel the need to write about it. Here’s one of the results. … The Muse on the Rock […]

  5. supersizeme Says:

    Im not usually into art, but everyone ‘gets’ beauty, and that painting is beautiful. The poem is just perfect. Wowwie! What a combo!

  6. Thanks, SSM- Thats really kind. Miki and I collaborate on many things like this. Her paintings never fail to inspire a poem in me.

  7. supersizeme Says:

    I can understand why. Cant wait to see more of this.

  8. Hi Supersizeyou! Funny how you found your way to the Muse on the Rock, and finally to Art! And happy to see you here!
    But you know, at the end Art is a big word, and perhaps an empty word in the meanwhile, having been spoken from too many tongues… I am not myself into “Art “, I just paint and paint and paint…

  9. supersizeme Says:

    Hahaha! I know, i’m glad I did check it out and that the above painting caught my eye. Nice blog you got here. Plus its ok, I get what you mean, its more a spontaneous instinctive thingy bob, some have it, some dont, so the word ‘art’ must sound too general a word for a quality so unique to you.

  10. You are much more into art than you think! What you write in your so funny and so personal style is more competent than what many art critics write. But i am curious… what do YOU mean when you say you are not into art? That you don´t´like it? That it never moved you? Or that you think you don´t understand it? 🙂

  11. supersizeme Says:

    Gosh! Thanks! Well.. about ‘art’ well you’ve kind of made me aware that there are different types of art, but the one that I had a general idea of was Van Gogh, Picasso etc and they are like the famous ones, and these famous ones, well they creep me out! They give me the heebijeebeez! Van Gogh’s self portrait after after cutting his ear off, picasso’s freaky portraits (like he was under the influence of something?) stuff like Dali’s surrealist work, I covered it in school when I did GCSE art and it’s not my type of thing, but seeing your work its a different thing altogether, It’s certainly made me see things differently, I appreciate good music, good clothes, food, landscapes/scenery etc.. and now I can say I enjoy looking at good paintings too that ”ARE’nt freaky!

  12. Wow, if you don-t know what to do with your life one day just become art critic… it would give some really nice fresh air into that world of art, which I normally avoid because they all think that they are something better… really very refreshing to hear words like creepy, heebijeebiz and freeky so close to Dali, Picasso and Van Gogh!
    But until you decide to become an art critic I have a fanatstic idea for you. Why don’t you start painting yourselg? I could teach you by internet, I anyway need a test student because I’ll start soon giving some lessons online and I never did it before, in Internet I mean. i’ m sure you agree, so first let draw a crazy coffee or hot chocolate or tea Christmas cup and put it as an entry in our CCCCompetition and you have a good chance then to win a big big box of Christmas stuff from Spain! Is it a deal?

  13. supersizeme Says:

    Ooh… links not working, I’ll keep trying, I love freebies! Well I’m not even a novice at art but it sounds exciting, I’ll try it out. About lessons online?
    Will that mean using Microsoft Paint? Haha! I can try just for fun, but I’m not sure about serious lessons? Hmm…

    Art Critic? HAHAHAH!!! Nice one!

  14. Sorry, I am a mess in typing! The links works now in my last comment. And more precisely look at my last entry there, B for Bardot, B for Bill, you might find it funny and get an idea towards the big Christmas freebie from Spain! Of course is Microsoft Paint allowed, it would even be fantastic because none of the participants has used it till now!

  15. Sorry again, in fact I am a mess in everything sometimes… it was me, Miki, and not Kev Moore making the last comment! I was secretly logged in by him, I was lurking around and spying and I forgot that I was not myself… I’ve got anyway so many identities knots in my brain, one more or one less…

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