Good Men do Nothing

Mohammed the Teddy Bear

I have read, with increasing disbelief, the current news story about the British Teacher incarcerated in the Islamic state of Sudan for allowing her class to name a Teddy Bear Mohammed. The reactions of religious zealots demanding her public flogging, death, or both, is only surpassed by the deafening silence from the supposedly peace-loving majority of muslims.

My anger is swiftly overtaking my despair. I tried to release some of it in the following verse.

Good Men do Nothing

Such anger boils within me

What right have they to hijack faith

And use it as a stick to beat the innocent?

Projecting their warped hatred of faith

On that icon of love, a child’s teddy bear

Where the condemnation for those

That murder in their prophet’s name?

Poisoning Islam blood-lust to kill and maim

The so-called moderates standing piously by

Oblivious to horror, pain and suffering

This evil will take wings and fly

If all good men do nothing.

Words: Kev Moore Copyright 2007

Art by Miki and Kev Moore


16 Responses to “Good Men do Nothing”

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  2. Great one! Thanks for this…your post has a guest spot on TheScroogeReport:

    Muse: ‘Good Men Do Nothing’

  3. Kev! I can’t believe this is my first time here and what a powerful post. Thank you for putting my feelings about this incident in such emotion packed poetry. And now I know where to find Miki’s new paintings as well. You are clearly not only Muses for each other but for the world out here.

    Do I see a crocodile in the background there, Miki?

  4. Susan, better late than never! And thank you for your kind words.

  5. Well, you have to realize that in many places to speak out is to die very quickly. So you have to ask yourself am I willing to die at this moment to protect that person I don’t even know. It takes more strength of charater than I possess.

    I once read about a black teenage female that threw her body on top of a KKK member who had just preached hate against blacks and was about to be beaten to death. She shielded him with her body to save his life.

    When I read the piece I got goose bumps thinking of the incredible courage she showed the world. This was even more couragous in that she had noone there to give her support and was at real risk for her own life.

    Of course, these rare individual don’t show up on the evening news because we want to hear about “the famous”.

    Damn, I came over to get even for you exposing my bike riding habits.
    Now I’m all caught up in real issues.

  6. Bill that KKK story sounds amazing….that is real humanity, in its purest form.

  7. “On that icon of love, a child’s teddy bear

    Where the condemnation for those

    That murder in their prophet’s name?”

    Kevmoore ..
    Well, as a Muslim I truly agree with the fact that killing in the name of Islam is wrong and that is obviously not something my religion preaches. I am no one to judge the acts of these people but they’re inhumane and we all know that.

    As for a teddy bear being an “icon of love”.. Islam does not allow Teddy Bears or Barbie dolls, or even photographs [of humans of course] .. But that doesn’t mean that we refrain from capturing such moments .. Of course most of the Muslims you see around the world would be taking photographs, drinking, and doing all sorts of other things that their religion does not permit them to do .. We can’t judge them ..

    How would you like to see a Muslim teacher allowing her students to name a teddy bear Jesus ?

  8. Thanks for your comment MB. I personally wouldnt mind a Teddy being called Jesus. There are plenty of hispanics called Jesus, I assume because their parents wanted to embody their children with something of the love the christ figure is supposed to represent, but for me, as a non-religious person, it simply wouldnt affect me. I suppose my main problem is, I think people’s religion/spirituality/whatever should be a private thing, and to force these beliefs and its laws in their extreme on others is just plain wrong. I am angry about this, I admit, but I also genuinely worry that the moderate muslims, such as yourslef, I assume, will find their ostensibly peaceful religion hijacked to the point of no return by these terrible people who preach hate in your God’s name.

  9. My God is the same as your God. Calling God Allah doesn’t make Him a different being. We’ve all come from the same place, and will be heading there too.
    I believe my religion will return one day, and these people will get punished for what they’re trying to spread.
    I agree with your comment regarding keeping religion to ones own self. People tell me every now and then that I bring disgrace to Islam because I don’t cover my head .. It’s just plain annoying, because wearing a Hijaab [the muslim head covering] can not totally represent who I am on the inside.
    A lot of men in the Muslim community have Muhammad as their first name, and that is fine I suppose. However, naming a teddy Muhammad is … well .. not all that acceptable ..

    God Bless .. =)

  10. I find your comments quite moving. I suppose, to distill my concerns….I dont have a problem with someone quietly taking the teacher to one side and saying, “Im afraid you cant really allow the bear to be called that, Miss Gibbons”. Then, out of respect, Im sure the name would have been changed. Thats all it needed. What a shame it turned out the way it did.
    A pleasure blogging with you!

  11. Well, us Muslims are a sensitive group, haha. Crap! If my mom hears this, she would throw a tantrum and run all over the place cursing herself for raising me the “american way.” Oh MB Oh MB .. Have some respect for your fellowmen ..
    Anyway, as I was saying .. It’s true that we’re very sensitive and I feel no shame in admitting that. I could even say that about myself as a Pakistani. We usually speak BS about white people [no offense to you or miki] and when they say even little things about us, we get offended .. It’s part of how we’ve been brought up ..
    My parents have always taught me to love white people the same way I love desis [Pakistanis and Indians].. It’s ironic since we compete against India all the time in cricket. Crap! I have ADD I think .. So anyway, getting back to the point .. Yes they should’ve just asked the lady to stop right there.. I personally don’t believe in punishments over religious issues in “this” life so …

    p.s. i’m loving your poetry .. =D

  12. It takes great courage Kev to initiate this conversation and as I get to know you more a little each time I read your posts I have no doubt at this time you are a man of principle and walk the talk.
    Let he who casts the first rebuttal to your post think before they do for one never knows where such a conversation and a man such as you will take it.
    I am too a man of principle and walk the talk. I have no fear when it comes to defending principle based on noble humanitarian causes.
    Well done mate!!!

  13. supersizeme Says:

    Gosh! Didn’t know that, thats insane!! Fair enough, if it offended them, they should just explained that its unsuitable etc, but severe punishment?? Is there any place, people are protesting online or something?

  14. Hi Supersizeme…I’ve seen a lot of posts against the punishment from Muslims on BBC News and Daily Mail blogs. Apparently, she’s now had to be moved for her own safety. Incredible!

  15. supersizeme Says:

    Thanks, i’ll check it out definitely. Shocking stuff! Thanks wrjones for sharing that story about that girl, she wasnt human, she must’ve had been an angel. Nowadays we dont have it in us to merely tolerate each other nevermind doing what she did. Amazing.

  16. Kev, your poem was so great.. I’ve just found it.
    I agree a great deal with MB as regards this matter.
    Again, I’m sorry if I said something wrong, it wasn’t my intention…

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