Storm at Sunup

One of my fellow bloggers, Lisa, was commenting recently on the Presentations Miki and I do which involve my poetry and music, and her paintings. I thought today I’d put an example of that. This is one of those we have presented in our shows recently. In the Gallery, they are available to buy as a framed picture with an accompanying CD of the poem narrated by me against the backdrop of my musical composition.

Click on the Player below the picture to hear the poem and music.

Storm at Sunup

Storm at sunup

How wild the wind!
The leaves are playthings in its grasp
Torn from branch
And swept up in its arms at last

The stillness of the night recedes
And sunup brings the wind and his misdeeds
Tugging, pulling, unseen fingers
Pry the tiles from tops of houses
Old men´s wildly flapping trousers

Ladies hold their bonnets tight
And dogs all yelp and bark in fright
The playful wind rushes across,
the hillside, ruffling the moss
and heather, pulling at the trees
it tries to rip them root and branch
from ancient soil before it leaves

An amber sky that heralds suns arrival
forms a backdrop to the black crow´s cry
„storm at sunup, fly, my brothers, fly!”

Kev Moore at Delfos

Kev performing a song inspired by one of Miki´s Paintings at a show in Spain last year.

Poem & Music by Kev Moore – Copyright 2007

Art & Photo by Miki 


11 Responses to “Storm at Sunup”

  1. supersizeme Says:


  2. supersizeme Says:

    Whoops incomplete comment, was meant to say, seems like your a full-fledged rocker! Liking what I’m hearing so far, sounds great. Do you write your own songs?

  3. Yep, I’m a rocker for my sins! Yes, I play with an original band that has evolved from a famous band in the seventies, and I write my own stuff here in my studio connceted to Miki’s gallery. The Heretic’s song is one of mine! I also like to perform in lots of different genres, so it gets a bit confusing!

  4. I LOVED IT!!!! It was too too short though!!! You all have to do the slide show thing. Do rear screen projection to maximize the brilliant colors of the paintings. Such a unique thing to see the art forms combine as one. Really lovely.

  5. Thanks so much Lisa, we get a real kick out of it.
    perhaps we’ll dig out a longer one! So anyway, Lisa…any chance of a coffee cup from you?????? 😉

  6. supersizeme Says:

    I was able to have a brief listen before, but the connection i’m using now is pretty restrictive. I love indie and rock. Experimenting with genres is good. Keeps listeners on our toes.

  7. What say you coffee cup? Did you hear about my coffee cups? Did Bill spill the beans?

  8. Now I’m intrigued Lisa….Are you saying you have, like us, an inordinate amount of coffee cups? If this is the case, consider this a heartfelt plea (should that be ARTfelt?) for you to share some of them with us in Cafe Crem!!

  9. Wow, I’m so impressed! I’d really enjoy being at one of your performances. I was also so impressed by how clearly you enunciate while speaking!

    Best regards,
    Madame Monet
    Writing, Painting, Music, and Wine

  10. supersizeme Says:

    Kev, you’re a dark horse! I love your ”boys are back in town” number for Stars in their eyes! You rock dude! Kerchioooowww!!!

  11. Haha! You discovered that then, eh? I had a ball doing Stars, and I have a lot of videos up on YouTube from various gigs/TV shows that Ive done around the world.

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