Mohammed is free!

Mohammed is Free

Well, at least Gillian Gibbons, whom the furry one got into trouble, is free.  Thanks to Two British Muslim peers, Lord Nazir Ahmed and Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, The Sudanese government eventually saw reason, or more likely, saw an acceptable way to extricate themselves from this monumental embarrassment.

The Sudan clearly have no idea about life on the world stage, having caused catastrophic damage to the cause of moderate muslims trying to convince the West that Islam is a peaceful religion. I sincerely believe, following this farcical, yet undeniably scary incident, that our efforts are best directed at urging peace-loving muslims to publicly decry and denounce those fundamentalists that are poisoning their faith.  I neither practice nor acknowledge the veracity of any religion, cases like this reinforcing that view, but I do recognise people’s right to their own beliefs, and their freedom to observe them, but not when it is accompanied by threats, torture and murder.

Let us hope Ahmed and Warsi continue the good work they’ve just done in the Sudan, by urging Muslims in the UK to support peace, and denounce tyranny.

Kev Moore Copyright 2007

Art by Miki and Kev Moore


15 Responses to “Mohammed is free!”

  1. supersizeme Says:



  2. Supe, you just made me laugh out loud!! Good news, yeah?

  3. Well,
    Majority of the Muslims would have never bothered Gibins. It was clear that the “intention” was not to insult. And intention is very important in Islam.
    But because of the Climate the crowds went crazy so is the response from the some in the west that indited the religion.

  4. Mohamed, thanks for the comment. Regarding your first statement, I agree, wise words. It’s clear her intention was not to insult, and I’m sure the majority took that view. However, its a bit of a stretch to blame calls for her death on the hot weather!! Or do you mean the climate of hatred the incident created? I also believe it should not be the religion that is indicted, but those that seek to abuse it.

  5. supersizeme Says:

    Exactly! But that’s also human nature, the problem is religion doesnt specify or have an entrance exam sort of procedure in place, so you get all sorts of characters freely doing as they please under the guise of religious people. Thats where we’re falling flat on our faces.
    That’s not only Islam though, but its a fact that all these people in this case were ‘Muslim’. Bugger!
    Well good job it was sorted sooner rather than later.

  6. Good morning supersizeyou! I didn’t want to enter this discussion, I am not well-informed about all that, but your comment is great… an exam in religion, this sounds quite revolutionary! I wonder which would be the criterions to succeed… the theoritical part of the exam, of course, could be to know one’s classics in the own religion. What more? The deep knowledge of Kev Moore’s work, for sure! Has he ever told you about his “Heretic’s Song”?
    Interesting would be the practical part of the exam… I can imagine hundred of funny test tasks… you too, I’ m sure!
    By the way had the Winged Messenger brought you my last message?

  7. Just dropped in and wanted to say hello to supersizeyou.

  8. supersizeme Says:

    Hiya Micheal!

    Miki, I could see by Kev’s ‘5 string bass’ tagline that Kev is a musician, I’d love to hear his Heretic’s song, though I dont know whether it will have any relevance to entry requirements to a religion?
    Hahaha! I know I’d never pass! Theoretically? Hmm.. that would probably be pretty much straightforward.. Practical? Maybe swim with sharks, wrestle a tiger, egg and spoon race?

  9. Supersizeme, here’s a link to The Heretic’s Song which is on one of my other blogs, The Musiquarium. I’d be interested in your comments- its basically a rant at both sides of the religious divides!

  10. Kevin, I have to congratulate you for the last two posts.
    I’m sure that most of Muslims would never bother the teddy bear episode.
    I live in Brazil, we have a huge Muslim community here, spread all over the country but mainly concentrated in São Paulo.
    The convivence is very pacific.
    I think convivence can always be pacific among religions when involving only common people in their daily activities and not political issues. It’s always a great experience to lear about other religions and cultures.

  11. Me again: It’s always a great experience to LEARN about other religions and cultures.

  12. Me again: I’m sorry, convivence doesn’t exist in the dictionary. I’m not a native speaker so I make many of those mistakes. I mean interaction by “convivence”. If you delete them all, I’ll understand 🙂

  13. Hey Mimulus, we’re a multinational bunch here, don’t worry about that! Miki, my partner is French, and in our house we speak a kind of mixed up lingo of english, french, german, norwegian,spanish and russian, quite chaotic! She’s familiar with “convivence” in French, so we get your meaning – and we certainly won’t delete you!!

  14. Bom Dia, Mimulus! Kevin forgot to mention that I speak some Brasilianish too, beacuse my parents lived many years in Brasil, above all in Rio de Janeiro (but my father travelled alll the time through Brasil, because of his profession), and I went there to visit them. I was in Sao Paolo too, but only one day… it is there, on the road side, that I saw for the first time in my life, a wild wolf… and the black swans on the lake, a gift from England if I remember well?
    As I am French, I enjoyed to find the words “convivence” and “pacific” in your comment, such wonderful words, aren’t they?
    I hope we will see you here often. And if you want to have a look at my blog, click here!
    Ate logo!

  15. Olá, Miki! Comment ça va? I’m glad you’re there to understand my comments 🙂 . I had not noticed the pacific = peaceful hahahaah. I’m getting worse.
    How interesting that your parents lived here many years!
    I’m gonna check your blog.
    Até logo! Obrigada! Merci Beaucoup!

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