The Moore and The Christians

Moor and Christian

Miki and I head down to my other “hometown” of Mojacar this weekend, and something occured to me. It’s well known for their spectacular Moros y Cristianos-Moors and Christians festival which takes place in June. Miki has worked her magic and presented me here in traditional Moorish (what else?) costume alongside a cigar-chomping Christian. This festival happens all over Spain, at different times of the year, but down in Almeria province where the Moors influence can still be seen, it carries a special resonance.  Now, my surname is Moore, and I’ve always thought I’ve been drawn to Mojacar, its always felt like home to me, perhaps it’s in the genes-who knows? But when I thought about it,. The Moore and the Christians,  I found it quite amusing, because over the last few days, I’ve been embroiled in heated and not-so-heated debates with a number of Christians across the blogosphere. It was probably an unconscious decision to redress the balance after my Islamic hysteria recently!

I like to think I’m an equal opportunities religion-prodder. The really interesting thing that’s come out of this is the chance to get to know people on “both sides of the divide” to put it crudely. To see how people really think away from the media hype and hysteria.

I can always agree to differ, and ironically, following my outbursts on Christianity and Islam, Miki and I have received complements on our work from members of both faiths.

I guess what I’m trying to say in my own fashion, is, we all have points of mutual reference, regardless of polarising differences. It is by holding fast to these slender threads and reeling them in, that we will all get along, and the likes of the Rev.Ian Paisley and Osama Bin Laden will be out of a job . 

 Kev Moore

Art /Photography by Miki


20 Responses to “The Moore and The Christians”

  1. Kudos to Miki on the pic.

    I guess what I’m trying to say in my own fashion, is, we all have points of mutual reference, regardless of polarising differences. It is by holding fast to these slender threads and reeling them in, that we will all get along, and the likes of the Rev.Ian Paisley and Osama Bin Laden will be out of a job .

    Waaah! I wanted a religious war! Hehehe… Can you imagine Paisley and bin Ladin duking it out? Fight of the century!

  2. Thanks for the mention. I really enjoyed the interaction on my blog. You are always welcome to drop in. By the way, I have enjoyed the writings and art. And, I really think I would like to hear some more of your music.

    Osama I have heard of and agree he should be out of a job, soon! The Rev. I have not heard of.

    And, I think next time I am in the UK, I should like to lift up a pint with you guys!


  3. Kev, thanks for the compliment over on Les’s blog, and for being civil – it’s not every day that I have a conversation about faith in which all sides show self-control and levity.

    I like the notion of musical and visual art collaboration. It reminds me of Tool’s concerts (ever been to one?), which blend sound and sight in a beautiful, seamless if sometimes creepy web. I deal with tangential concerns of working with word and image in my profession (graphic design). The idea is that if a picture says a thousand words, then graphic design at it’s best speaks volume…though I’ll be the first to say that it rarely rises to that level.

    Enjoy your trip to Spain! 🙂

  4. Well Les, although I´m English (and Miki is French) we live in Spain, so I guess we´ll be lifting a glass of Sangria!

    Mike- re Paisley v. BinLaden, perhaps they could feature it on Celebrity Deathmatch!!

  5. Matt -no, never seen Tool, but I´d certainly like to. Thanks for your kind words. We´ll enjoy our trip – we´re in Spain already, but we´re travelling south for a week.

  6. A pint would be fine too, Les, but perhaps not in the UK! We were there this summer, 10 weeks, travelling from Spain to the very top of Scotland… and it was raining all the time, I couldn’t do one painting outside! The landscapes were wonderful, and I love the people there, but well, I NEED sun!
    Thankyou for your kind comments and nice to see you by the Muse on the Rock!

  7. I don’t pride myself in getting a lot of traffic on my blog, but I’m adding you to it anyway. I appreciated and enjoyed this post, and I (along with Les, who happens to be my dad) would also like to “lift up a pint” the next time I’m in the UK. Take care!

  8. I take that back the pint/UK part…I hadn’t refreshed the page before I commented. I meant Spain. If I ever go.

  9. There’s plenty of sun here in Pensacola–and a thriving arts community, too! Lot’s of seafood…but our version of paella would be made with grits, which is basically Southern USA polenta…

  10. Laura, thanks for the comments, and the add. We did attempt to raise a pint ourselves here in Spain, by buying some wonderful ale from The Isle of Skye Brewery in Scotland, which we visited on our summer trip, but we drank it all before we got home!

  11. Rob, I’ve had some seriously good Paella here in Spain obviously, though I dont go in for the seafood one, I like the chicken version. I’m familiar with grits having toured the States extensively with a couple of bands, both of whom had an unhealthy interest in breakfasting at Denny’s!

  12. Kev and Miki, so sorry for the UK attribution. My mistake–thinking you were in the UK and sometimes travelled to Spain. Sangria sounds good too. But since you mentioned Scotland, been there a couple of times and am a confirmed single malt man. If I have to choose, they can keep the ale and give me the Scotch.
    Have a great time and I have enjoyed interacting. Still amazed every now and then at the electronic world, you know meeting people online like this–baby boomer talking here I guess.
    And, love Denny’s, just too many calories.

  13. supersizeme Says:

    Great blog entry! See that’s what we need to see more of.. cheers Kev!

    I’ve always been intrigued as to Moorish Spain, it just sounds so exotic, rich and beautiful but with a tragic tinge. I’ve researched it a few times some years back. Btw the best bit about it, aside from architecture was the flamenco dance which was carried on by gypsies in secret, when it was thought have had been diminished forever. The flamenco is the best thing that ever happened to dance and music. So good going gypsies!

  14. I guess what I’m trying to say in my own fashion, is, we all have points of mutual reference, regardless of polarising differences.

    I agree. Religion is tricky. It brings people together, yet excludes the rest who don’t believe in the same thing. It’s humanity’s failing: if you think you’re right then someone must be wrong.

    Because we were colonized by Spain for more than 3 centuries, we have our own version of the Christian-Moor festival where the battle between the two camps are re-enacted. In that mock battle, the Moors always lose. In reality, they were never beaten. The Islamic culture is alive and thriving in one of our major islands and their culture is rich and coloful. As a musician, I appreciate their traditions and aesthetic just as much as I do the Western traditions that Spain brought with them.

  15. I love Miki’s painting of you here!

    Madame Monet

  16. Hi all, just catching up on the comments, now Miki and I have returned from our trip!

    Les, as a single malt man, you may be interested to know that whilst touring Scotland with the rock band Saxon some years ago, we were invited on a tour around the Glenfiddich distillery, which was most enlightening, particularly for the drinkers in the band when they reached the tasting room! A really interesting place, and a friendly bunch who produce this classic, historic whisky.

    Supersize, yeah, the flamenco is strong down in Andalucia, it gives the region a great flavour. I once “performed” on stage with a flamenco outfit, but my contribution was holding the mic in front of the guitar cos they didnt have a stand!! Being up close observing a master of this style was amazing!

  17. Lizzie, thanks for your great comment. It’s interesting what you say about the Moors never being beaten. How often we “rearrange” history to suit our purposes..I suppose nowadays its called “spin” and hype”!
    BTW, Enjoyed your blog too!

    Madame Monet, thanks! After Mikis treatment, I’m feeling the outfit kind of suits me, so I may revise my wardrobe! 🙂

  18. Couldn’t imagine how would a better writer of skill would write.

  19. As usual Kev you manage to stir our imaginations and bring to top of mind things we at then moment were not even aware of the moment before. Great post. Great writing. Great Graphics.

  20. The history and the region of Andalucia is extraordinary and fascinating.

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