A Merry Christmas to All!!!

I dont normally duplicate articles on my blogs if I can help it, but, well…its Christmas!! Here’s a song I wrote primarily for our Multi-author blog, Cafe Crem to wish them all a Merry Christmas.

I wanted to write a little about how the song came about here on the Muse though.

It took two days to conceive, write and record it. The words came very quickly. In fact the chorus, word for word, is exactly as it was the first time I ad-libbed it to get an idea of the tune I would use!  It has some quite nice countermelodies weaving in and out. The trumpet (to evoke a Salvation army feel) the recorder, and a gliding string line throughout. The piano was recorded in two separate parts owing to my lack of ability!

The early chiming bells are not so much Christmas as Tibetan, but the ones heralding the boy’s mention of Santa are genuine holiday sleigh bells.

The choir singing a snippet of “Hark the Herald angels” is me, multitracked 9 times.

The main vocal is a single track, but the final payoff line is accompanied by me doing a 2 part gospelly refrain.  Hope you like it, Merry Christmas!!!

The lyrics are below, should you choose to sing along!


A Shadow of his former self

Lies huddled in the snow

Arms outstretched and weary

Got nowhere else to go

A tide of people sweep by his hands

They’re unaware

Shameless now, he begs them

“A penny if you can”

Nobody cares

And he tries not to cry

Remembering Christmasses, gone by…

One stranger, drops to his knees

Looks into his eyes and says

“Mister won’t you please?

I’ll help you, what do you need?

Tell me, can I give you something for your pain?

The man looks back in wonder

And he’s rewarded with a smile

For the stranger stood before him

Is just a little child

Coins so bright and shiny, fall from his hands

Lit by the moon

“Here’s my pocket money, I don’t need it all

Santa’s coming soon”

And the man through his tears

Feels that the spirit of Christmas, is here.


Copyright 2007 Words and Music Kev Moore


5 Responses to “A Merry Christmas to All!!!”

  1. WOW KEV!!! What a beautiful Christmas present for us your viewers!!! Geez, and I just ran someone else’s story on our blog. Anyway, lovely job. I wish you and Miki a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year as well.

  2. Thanks Lisa, for your lovely comments…a wonderful one to you and yours as well!

  3. I love the timbre of your voice! I really appreciate the interweaving of the different melodies along with your voice. The message is moving and nudges me to reflect. Thank you for sharing this, Kev! Merry Christmas to you and Miki! 🙂

  4. Thanks a lot! I was happy with the way the melodies move around. Hope you’re having a great Christmas, best wishes from Miki and I!

  5. Oswaldo Docherty Says:

    Happy new year.

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