Ill winds are blowing

There are certain spots around the world that are powder kegs waiting to explode. The Palestine/Israeli region is one, and the spark was thrown in by a renegade jew who decided Rabin’s olive branch was a step too far.

Now, we have the troublesome triangle of Pakistan/India/Kashmir. Long teetering on the brink of disaster, the indiscriminate murder of 20 people in order to successfully assassinate Benazir Bhutto is another spark to an already explosive powder keg. Where are the voices of reason? Where is the sanity? Why is the loudest voice that of the murderer, the madman, the fanatic?  We can only hope the sound of the assassins gun will rouse the Silent, subdued, and thoughtful majority. For without a voice of reason, and quickly, these regions are doomed to a cycle of death and destruction.


5 Responses to “Ill winds are blowing”

  1. supersizeme Says:

    I couldnt agree more Kev, maybe 2008 will be a lot lighter than the misery that was 2007! But yeah its like an escalating crises, doesnt look like this ‘ill wind” will blow away anytime soon, theres a sense of doom in the air, that things will get worse before they get any better, maybe not, maybe this madness will end here and gradually start moving towards peace…? yeah right!

  2. […] […]

  3. innerseasons Says:

    Thanks supersizeme for the link. All I have to say is GOOD RIDDANCE 2007. A year that will go in to history books for sure. The year has brought nothing but turmoil all over the world. Darfur, Beirut iraq etc. People dont have the right thoughts towards this situation. Instead, they look for the negative parts and not learning from the mistakes.

    Lets hope 2008 is better everywhere.

  4. Peace, by nature, is never as loud as violence. Benazir Bhutto believed fervently in handling strife without force. Ironically enough when she was assasinated, I was just finishing her first autobiography written in the 80’s. It is a fascinating read, and I highly recommend it. She was an amazing woman with great strength of character and absolute devotion to the people of Pakistan. I was devastated and heartbroken to wake up and hear the news that day. The world has suffered a great loss and for what? I was hoping the anger would continue to resonate around the world, but without violence. Now it seems like it is being forgotten already. But again, maybe that’s because peace is quiet and does not get as much press attention.

    BTW, Bhutto wrote another book that came out last year. For some reason there were a limited number of hardcopies, and now it is being published in paperback. You have to get in line for it though.

  5. Lisa, Im going to check out that autobio. An interesting observation, about peace. There’s no headlines in everyone getting along is there? Lets hope the tabloids have nothing to print for some time.

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