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Rock Banned

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 Kev on stage

It’s that time again. Time to let off steam.  In the post-halcyon days of live music, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find places to play. I’m beginning to feel that in our quest for gigs, we are giving ground, little by little, so that eventually we will cease to be a force to be reckoned with. The majority of our shows are now in the UK, which is something I don’t particularly enjoy, and the greater part of those are for a chain  of resorts that cater to the “older client” . Whilst we get a lot of fans coming along to these shows, they are also populated by senior citizens, whose moaning genes have been seriously activated. They sit there with their fingers in their ears, pulling stupid bloody faces, then they get up and walk out. What exactly is it about BC SWEET-Glam rock from the 70’s that they think they will like? Why do they come here? It’s not a Mantovani weekend, so why do they even sit in here to listen?  They could just go and play bowls or something. Or sleep.

Of course, the irony is, these 70-somethings were only around 30 when the songs were hits, 19 years younger than I am, and I’m playing the stuff!! What is it that makes people forget their youth and turn into miserable old gits?  I would like to be shot before that happens please.

Plus, I fear the band is taking decisions that diminish our stature, like sometimes agreeing to perform 2 sets. It reduces us to some kind of cabaret, and I just don’t want that. If they don’t want to book us, fine, but I havent worked all these years to be used as wallpaper for the evening. We do an hour show plus encores, that what we do, take it, or leave it. We are loud. It is rock. Take it or leave it.

Of course we may be banned for taking a stand, but If I cant do it properly, then I’d rather not do it at all.

Kev Moore


Embracing Death

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Embracing Death

It may seem morbid, but as I hurtle towards my fiftieth birthday, I am ever more aware that, in all likelihood, there are more years behind me than there are ahead, and my thoughts naturally turn to one’s own mortality. Gone the wild abandon of youth, where death is something that happens while you’re “busy making other plans”.

It’s a double-edged sword, of course, because each day tastes sweeter, like a rare wine collection that has a finite number of bottles remaining, and the less there are, the greater they are savoured.

But this painting by Miki had a powerful message for me, and prompted me to write the following poem. And as I write this introduction, I am reminded of my Grandma, and how, after her death, the family went to her house and discovered all her belongings, all her dealings, in perfect order. She had prepared. She was ready.

I think the most one can hope for is that we are at peace when he calls, that he doesn’t call too early, and that he is received as a friend.

Embracing Death

Ah! There you are..
I’ve been waiting
All my life, it seems
Each heavy second
Passing with a leaden “thunk”
Has brought me to this brink
This precipice
But I am ready
I have made my peace
Said my goodbyes
All my affairs in order
Cried the worst of cries
I lived it long
I lived it full
Not perhaps, what I’d wanted, all
But still, a worthy innings
I made my mark
I left an heir
To light the spark
And start another rolling of the ball
So , let’s away!
Turn, and let me see your face
So I succumb to Death’s embrace.
Copyright Kev Moore 2008
Art by Miki

A Blast from the Past

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 Kev Moore

Graham Oliver and Kev Moore

Further to my previous entry, in which I unashamedly reminisced about my old band Tubeless Hearts, I present here, following requests to hear the band, one of my favourite tracks. It’s called Good Love, and was written by myself and Fos Foster. It features Graham Oliver of Saxon guesting on lead guitar. I have worked with Graham many times over the years, whether it be on this project, touring with Saxon, or his solo album. He is a great musician, a dear friend, and one of the nicest guys in the business.

The article you see above shows Graham and I after performing an instrumental piece we composed for the Dearne Valley Opera. The whole production was about a mining disaster at a Yorkshire Coal mine, and was beautifully narrated on the day by that larger than life actor, Brian Blessed.

Just click on the player below to hear Good Love

The Leaving

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The Leaving

It’s done.
Less  years ahead alone
Than behind together
Safely clear of storms
No more heavy weather

He  stands in silence
Facing the tree his Father planted
His roots, too, are deep
Always doing what his Father wanted

Him. Resolute. Immovable.
No apologies to send me on my way
No remorse or comforting words
To lighten my load this day

He is not wrong.
He never is
Ten years to the day
Since our last kiss
Which now hangs bitter
On my lips
Like rotten fruit upon the bough
Of  that damned tree
The tree that seems to outlast me, now.

My Ears don’t lie
I hear her
The rustle of her robes
As from the house she flies
Oh daughter! Do not make me turn around
I cannot bear this awful sound
Her wailing,
Kept in time by hurried footsteps on the ground

“Mother please! Return!” Her plaintive cry…
“Do not despair, for true love never dies!”
Oh,  the innocence of youth!
For true love never touched on him
Nor I.

Words: Copyright Kev Moore 20/01/08 Art: Copyright Miki 20/01/08

Students of History

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 Tubeless Hearts Wakefield

At a concert in Leeds some years ago, the former Be-Bop Deluxe frontman and guitarist Bill Nelson, in response to cries from the crowd to play his biggest hits, doggedly refused and continued with his latest, albeit less popular electronica, telling the assembled crowd “There seem to be some students of history amongst us”.

It is very easy to disassociate yourself from your past, trying to become, or indeed remain, the next “big thing”. But often, it is the work of an earlier time, and the appreciation thereof, that allow you to do your own thing in the present day.

I haven’t really revisited the album I made with Tubeless Hearts in 1994. It holds painful memories of dreams unfulfilled. It is sadly synonymous with a time of upheaval, of failure, of lack of direction.

But hindsight’s rose-coloured spectacles are curious indeed.  Very slowly, the Tubeless Hearts CD is again attracting attention, from Japanese collectors to AOR Rock magazines.

It mysteriously begins to turn up on bootleg album cover art sites, and on rare record sale lists, commanding up to 85 euros.  It is against the background of this peculiar interest that I decided to listen with fresh ears to the album that Myself, Fos Foster, and Simon Kay gave so much of ourselves to fourteen years ago.

As I sit here, listening, I’m filled with pride for what we did. We didn’t just write the songs, we dug out my cellar with bare hands, emptying the rubble bag by bag, like miners, until we had a large enough area. Then we proceeded to build the studio, piece by piece, from nothing. This was truly a D.I.Y. album, we did damn nearly everything!  Three Americans played a big part in this story; Mike Powell, Greg Purring, and Chuck Prendergast. They gave us the one thing money can’t buy; belief.

So now, when I get emails asking if the CD is still available, or asking for info for an article about it, or even find a site where its fetching 85 euros,  I smile, and feel secure in the knowledge that we created something special, and something that will be around, in somebody’s collection, somewhere, long after we’re dust.

Tubeless Hearts in Norway

 on tour in Norway L-R: Kev,Fos,Simon (lead photo:a break from rehearsing,behind The Beehive, Wakefield)

Kev Moore

She’s Gone…..

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Gypsys bone


Forty-nine years, Seven months and twenty-one days. That was how long I had lasted without a pet.

The Moore family didn’t do pets. Not unless you count the monumental error of judgement by my Dad, bringing a wild rabbit home once after stunning it with his car, and which we subsequently had the dubious privilege of watching die of mixamatosis some days later.

I didn’t like Cats, stinky pee, and very arrogant, selfish creatures.

Nor was I overly fond of dogs. I could never understand people crying when they lost their pet, as though it were a real member of the family. It made no sense to me. Dogs, their kaka made me want to throw up, their barking drove me crazy. Insensitive owners used to bring their dogs down our street when I was a kid, I remember, they would let them crap outside the ladies hairdressers, which was run from the front room of a private home. Eventually, the owner had had enough, and she scooped up the crap in an envelope, followed the dog owner home and posted it through the letterbox. So I was not predisposed to dogs.

Then, last week, she appeared. Padding around daintily in the gardens beneath our balcony. A tiny thing really, with something of the look of a fox about her. She would gaze forlornly up at our window and then scamper off to make her little bed by the palm tree. It was heartbreaking. The next day, when Miki and I ventured out, there she was, a mess of emotions. Clearly having suffered at the hands of her previous owner, she simultaneously cowered and begged for affection, it completely tore us in two. Within two days “gypsy” had installed herself in the living room. We began caring for her, laughing in delight at her rituals of pretending to hide food, scrunching up her towel to make her little bed, and her constant “high-fiving “ with her paw to get attention.

We rode an emotional rollercoaster for the next few days, from denying that we loved her, to deciding to keep her, to realising, ultimately, that our disjointed, travelling life would not be the best for her. Then, anxiety set in. could we reasonably expect to get her placed with someone else before we left for Albir in just a few days. Putting her back where we found her was unthinkable, and the local P.A.W.S. charity had no spare places for her.

Mercifully, a Spanish woman who lived nearby and had also taken an interest in her said she had found a family who would adopt her. We thought we would have a few more days with Gypsy, but the woman returned that afternoon to take her to her new home. It all happened so fast, and when we returned to the apartment, it seemed so empty.

It is rare that I surprise myself, but I had no idea that I could feel this way for an animal. We genuinely miss her. She was a beautiful, loving and playful dog who never barked once, and even though we looked after her for so short a time, I don’t think we’ll ever forget her. I hope she’s happy in her new home.

Kev Moore