Students of History

 Tubeless Hearts Wakefield

At a concert in Leeds some years ago, the former Be-Bop Deluxe frontman and guitarist Bill Nelson, in response to cries from the crowd to play his biggest hits, doggedly refused and continued with his latest, albeit less popular electronica, telling the assembled crowd “There seem to be some students of history amongst us”.

It is very easy to disassociate yourself from your past, trying to become, or indeed remain, the next “big thing”. But often, it is the work of an earlier time, and the appreciation thereof, that allow you to do your own thing in the present day.

I haven’t really revisited the album I made with Tubeless Hearts in 1994. It holds painful memories of dreams unfulfilled. It is sadly synonymous with a time of upheaval, of failure, of lack of direction.

But hindsight’s rose-coloured spectacles are curious indeed.  Very slowly, the Tubeless Hearts CD is again attracting attention, from Japanese collectors to AOR Rock magazines.

It mysteriously begins to turn up on bootleg album cover art sites, and on rare record sale lists, commanding up to 85 euros.  It is against the background of this peculiar interest that I decided to listen with fresh ears to the album that Myself, Fos Foster, and Simon Kay gave so much of ourselves to fourteen years ago.

As I sit here, listening, I’m filled with pride for what we did. We didn’t just write the songs, we dug out my cellar with bare hands, emptying the rubble bag by bag, like miners, until we had a large enough area. Then we proceeded to build the studio, piece by piece, from nothing. This was truly a D.I.Y. album, we did damn nearly everything!  Three Americans played a big part in this story; Mike Powell, Greg Purring, and Chuck Prendergast. They gave us the one thing money can’t buy; belief.

So now, when I get emails asking if the CD is still available, or asking for info for an article about it, or even find a site where its fetching 85 euros,  I smile, and feel secure in the knowledge that we created something special, and something that will be around, in somebody’s collection, somewhere, long after we’re dust.

Tubeless Hearts in Norway

 on tour in Norway L-R: Kev,Fos,Simon (lead photo:a break from rehearsing,behind The Beehive, Wakefield)

Kev Moore


7 Responses to “Students of History”

  1. Great post Kev. Now about that last photograph…I’m guessing Richard Simmons was standing next to Simon, and you cropped him out.

  2. Okay Lisa, you got me back. I had to go on Wikepedia to find out who the hell Richard Simmons was! I kind of wish I hadn’t – he’s one scary looking dude. I’m not sure we’d have been smiling if he’d been standing next to Simon…but if he had been, damn right I’d have cropped him out!
    We had a similarly annoying fitness guy in the UK called Mr Motivator. The only thing he motivated me to do was jump up and switch off the TV.

  3. p.s. That is Simon’s hand on the pic…but someone has indeed been cropped out- how did you know? are you psychic??
    It was Trev Midgley, who was no longer a member when we made the album.

  4. newmradio Says:

    Maybe you’ll post a song, kev? I’d be interested in hearing the band.

  5. Newm, I’ll get on it. I’m off to the UK tonight for a show with BC Sweet, but I’ll put a track from Tubeless Hearts up here after the weekend.

  6. what about the studio that was built at trevs was that not a work of art and may i also say trev midgley was the most talented andthe most creative one in the band the one who kept the band up there with the best till his departure. so maybe a bit more respect and a bit more credit for the man eh kev

  7. Al! how the hell are you! Fair play, Midge was of course the driving force behind the 80’s Tubeless Hearts, no question, and was instrumental in us being known for us sounding great. This thread was dealing with the band that recorded the album. And yes, the studio was a work of art. Really sad when circumstances meant we could no longer record there. i’ve posted a vid on you tube of midge singing one of his songs “lovedrug” recorded at rooftops. I’m sure i’ll be putting some stuff on the web about our days on the circuit as a four piece. i learned a lot from midge, and now my son Corey is too! …and thanks to YOU mate for keeping us on the road back in the day! love to the family!

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