Embracing Death

Embracing Death

It may seem morbid, but as I hurtle towards my fiftieth birthday, I am ever more aware that, in all likelihood, there are more years behind me than there are ahead, and my thoughts naturally turn to one’s own mortality. Gone the wild abandon of youth, where death is something that happens while you’re “busy making other plans”.

It’s a double-edged sword, of course, because each day tastes sweeter, like a rare wine collection that has a finite number of bottles remaining, and the less there are, the greater they are savoured.

But this painting by Miki had a powerful message for me, and prompted me to write the following poem. And as I write this introduction, I am reminded of my Grandma, and how, after her death, the family went to her house and discovered all her belongings, all her dealings, in perfect order. She had prepared. She was ready.

I think the most one can hope for is that we are at peace when he calls, that he doesn’t call too early, and that he is received as a friend.

Embracing Death

Ah! There you are..
I’ve been waiting
All my life, it seems
Each heavy second
Passing with a leaden “thunk”
Has brought me to this brink
This precipice
But I am ready
I have made my peace
Said my goodbyes
All my affairs in order
Cried the worst of cries
I lived it long
I lived it full
Not perhaps, what I’d wanted, all
But still, a worthy innings
I made my mark
I left an heir
To light the spark
And start another rolling of the ball
So , let’s away!
Turn, and let me see your face
So I succumb to Death’s embrace.
Copyright Kev Moore 2008
Art by Miki

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