Leaving on a Jet Plane…Coach….Car…..you name it!

BC Sweet 

That was a tough four days.  When you realise the time on stage in total is around 2 hours 45 minutes, you understand why Graham Oliver from Saxon refers to this as “the minor inconvenience”.  I left home around 3 pm on thursday, drove 2 hours to the airport, flew 2 and a half hours to Luton, spent two hours on a coach, spent an hour freezing to death in a Leicester bus station, spent another hour on a coach,  finally made it to Derby. 

Grabbed a few hours sleep, dropped my sister at work so I could use the car for the weekend, drove up to North Yorkshire (another 2 and a half hours in blizzard conditions) to arrive at the gig at around 5.30pm. Soundchecked, had dinner, went onstage 10pm.

Drove down to Wakefield (1 hour, sub-zero) got into hotel for the night. Managed to spend around 4 hours with my son on Saturday before driving South (1 hour) to rendezvous with the lads again for the second gig. Soundchecked at 6pm, onstage for two shows, 9.30 and 11pm.

Drove to Derby after the show (40 minutes) slept 5 hours, got a lift from my sister down to the Coach stop. Left Derby at 08.25am, arrived Milton Keynes coach depot (not nice) around 2 hours later, and spent a further 2 hours sat there waiting for a connceting bus, which eventually took me to Luton Airport for 1.20pm. An hour later, my flight should be leaving. It’s delayed by and hour. I eventually land in Murcia at 7pm, and proceed to drive 2 hours, arriving home around 9.30 pm.

Thats around 76 hours away, most of it on the road, to spend under 3 hours on stage.

Am I mad? Probably.

Kev Moore


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