Just when will Britain wake up and smell the coffee?

Orpington Vandals 

Vandals at Orpington Rail Station throw paint at the walls. A good argument for sterilisation, or in this pillock’s case, smothering at birth. His mother must be so proud.

Teacher, Linda Walker, (50) has been cleared on appeal, after serving 5 weeks of a 6 months custodial sentence for firing an airgun near two youths who were harrassing her outside her home in Urmston, Manchester. She now has a 12 month suspended sentence hanging over her head.

What the hell is going on? This woman was driven to despair, fearful and angry at the relentless abuse and vandalism to her and her house and garden that wnet unchecked and unpunished by the Police, but oh, the moment she decided to act, SHE was the criminal all right, charged with affray and possessing a firearm.

Last year, Father of three Garry Newlove was KICKED TO DEATH outside his home for trying to protect his wife’s car from being vandalised. Do you know what? If he’d had a gun  and blown the lawless scum to the hell in which they belong, I would have shook his hand, because he would stil be alive to shake it. The perpetrators? Probably being educated at her Majesties Pleasure, and taxpayers expense to a higher standard than our own children, and then given new identities.

I denounce and despise the country in which I used to live when it allows scum like this to wreak havoc and ruin, and take innocent lives.  Great Britain? Don’t make me laugh.


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