…but you don’t actually want to LIVE in Somalia, do you?

I found this report on the BBC News page, and almost exploded with outrage! How the hell can this guy be serious? He comes to live in the UK, enjoying his freedoms and benefits from the hell-hole of Somalia and yet;

Aydarus Yusuf has lived in the UK for the past 15 years, but he feels more bound by the traditional law of his country of birth – Somalia – than he does by the law of England and Wales.

“Us Somalis, wherever we are in the world, we have our own law. It’s not Islamic, it’s not religious – it’s just a cultural thing.”

What planet is this guy on? And what the hell is happening when even the Head of the Anglican church thinks adoption of Shariah law in part is inevitable??

 This is Britain!! We have one law for all, BECAUSE ITS FAIR! If you don’t like it , go back to Somalia, where I’m sure you will be subject to the letter of the law you so dearly love.

As long as the government continue to pander to the ludicrous views of these people, they will win. I live in Spain, am I supposed to argue if stopped by La Guardia Civil that I dont really feel obliged to listen to them, because “its a cultural thing”? My god, its a madhouse, and nobody seems to have the courage to do anything about it.


One Response to “…but you don’t actually want to LIVE in Somalia, do you?”

  1. Kevin, I couldn’t agree with your more! Psych

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