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First Bass…and then some! a personal history of my bass guitars through the decades

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Following a completely unrelated post on Cafe Crem, the subject of bass guitars arose, and it got me thinking about the many that have passed through my hands over the years. Sadly, not many have stayed with me, either through being strapped for cash or just plain stupid, or occasionally because they simply weren’t very good. I don’t have photos of me with all of them (which believe me, may be a blessing), but where possible, I’ll find a pic and post that instead.

So…the year was 1975. I’d had enough of the drums (and sitting at the back) I had been mightily inspired by Glenn Hughes’ vocal and bass performance on Deep Purple‘s “Burn” album from the previous year and, somewhat optimistically, I thought “I want to do that.”

Much to my parents horror, it wasn’t long before the kit was gone and a brand new shiny CMI copy of a Fender precision was in my sweaty little hand. The other hand held a weekly payment book from HFC Finance. My life as permanently in-debt muso had begun. No sooner had I plucked my first note, than I cashed in a life insurance policy and armed with the princely sum of 70 quid, bought a second-hand HH bass head. they lit up in the dark, man! I was becoming seriously rock’n’roll!

Fender precision A real Fender precision relaxing yesterday. not one of yer crap CMI copies like wot I had.

The drums became a distant memory as I gingerly set foot in the spotlight with my bass, playing covers with a local band called Spice. (with a girl singer- does that make her the original Spice girl?) Within weeks, I felt confident enough to realise this bass would soon outgrow its usefulness as a serious instrument. In a move that signaled further financial ruin, I traded it in for a brand new Shaftesbury Rickenbacker 4001 copy, upping the limit on my little payment book. This bass saw me through the formative years of bands such as Crosstown Traffic, (one of whose songs was to appear many years later on the Tubeless Hearts CD “Three” ), and crowd favourites and pub-punk rockers Midnight Express.

I always loved the Ricky shape and sound, especially after seeing pics of Glenn Hughes, the source of my original inspiration, playing one. It would be some time before I reconciled the Ricky look with something approaching quality, but that’s for the next instalment. For now, recoil in horror at the frightening image of me in full flow with Midnight Express at The Derbyshire Yeoman, now sadly a McDonalds (isn’t everywhere?) playing my shiny new ricky-copy.

Next time: hand crafted with more knobs than sense.….

Kev Moore with ricky copyKev sports a pre-Oasis monobrow…

Kev Moore