Travellin’ Light….

It hardly seems five minutes since I got back from the double-header in the U.K., but once again I’m duty-bound to hit the road for a concert appearance in Torgau, Germany.

I am presented this weekend with a logistical convolution that sees me board an entirely unnecessary flight this afternoon to Stansted in England, where I will spend an entirely unnecessary night in a Days Inn before meeting up with the rest of the guys and flying out of Stansted airport tomorrow lunchtime bound for Altenburg in Germany. I will then repeat the process on Sunday, resulting in my arrival home here in Turre at about 2 a.m. early Monday morning. Yes folks, this is the glamour of showbiz. Oh, and did I mention, tucked a way in the middle of all that is a 1 hour show?

It’s a big debt of time that I pay, an hour onstage costs me 60 hours away from Miki. It is a high price.

As a result of years of these escapades, I have become somewhat adept at downsizing in the luggage department. That is to say, I have no luggage. I am a professional hand-baggager. I can last for weeks on the contents of my trusty yellow-and black regulation sized holdall. Not for me the lengthy queues at the airport, I’m straight through with priority boarding, as opposed to being treated like a second -class citizen because I had the temerity to buy a suitcase. I even arrange to keep one of my bass guitars in the U.K. to prevent the need to transport one on the plane. Oh, yes siree, I’m through that airport like sh*t off a shiny shovel.

Except this time. The German promoter, who very kindly booked me a perfectly pointless flight via the U.K., perhaps in the mistaken belief that I missed my homeland, also was kind enough to reserve baggage entitlement for me. This is unalterable, and will result in me queuing with the great unwashed for no good reason at all. I will wait for an hour, just so I can tell the girl on the desk that I have absolutely no luggage whatsoever. Just my little bag. The relentless march of airport efficiency goes on, grinding the hapless passenger under its giant cogs like so much grist for the mill…..

Kev Moore


2 Responses to “Travellin’ Light….”

  1. reinedespommes Says:

    … and during you was singing, I spoke with your lovely baby … to help her, to do as the time is so court (ho my poor english !) understand me ?

  2. Oui, Pomme, je comprends!

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