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First bass No.6 – Reflections on an Icon

Posted in Uncategorized on June 4, 2008 by kevmoore

I’d often been told that I bore a passing resemblance to Phil Lynott, bassist and singer with Thin Lizzy, and when Simon, our drummer in Tubeless Hearts suggested that I audition for Stars in their Eyes as him, it seemed like the natural thing to do. I’d met Phil very briefly back when Lizzy had their first twin-guitar album, Nightlife out and were touring the UK in support of it. As a starry-eyed kid, I was amazed to come face-to-face with him in the refectory at Derby college, prior to their gig!  I’d always loved the music, and wanted to honour his memory.  To that end, I bought  a Fender Squier bass and had it “Lizzied-up” , with the famous mirror scratchplate that he memorably employed after supporting Slade and seeing how the lights played off the mirrors on Noddy Holder’s top hat.

It became a favourite for a while, as evidenced by these photos, onstage with Graham Oliver performing Saxon’s greatest for charity event:

Kev Moore and Graham Oliver

….and at a festival in Germany with Christie:

Kev Moore with Christie

But, inevitably, it went the way of many others, however, this time to a good home. My good friend and producer Clyde Ward, a fellow Lizzy fan, bought it off me while we were working together  writing and recording material for my daughter Hollie. It took pride of place on the studio wall!

Kev Hollie and Clyde

Kev, Hollie and Clyde in Mojacar around 10 years ago

Kev Moore