23 injured in attack on Norway refugee centre

It’s completely off-topic for my blog, but I have to speak here.  Look at this news article:

OSLO (Reuters) – Twenty-three people were wounded when a gang of 40-50 men armed with steel bars and machetes attacked residents at a refugee centre in Norway late on Thursday, officials said on Friday.

No one was seriously wounded, but 10 were sent to hospital and 13 treated at a local clinic, hospital officials said.

An official at the centre in Oestfold south of Oslo said the attackers were Chechens and the victims Kurds. Police declined to confirm or deny that and said they had made no arrests so far.

“There was an attack from outside the asylum centre by people who don’t live here, Chechens, 40 to 50 men armed with steel bars and other weapons,” Ole Morten Lyng, an official at the centre, told NRK public radio news.

Well my milk of human kindness has now officially dried up at the teat. So the Norwegians let one bunch of spongers in, followed by another bunch of spongers who hate the first lot. The result? A peace-loving country is subjected to backward, violent outbursts. I’ve got a great idea. Send both these bunches of losers back to their homeland where they can knock the living hell out of each other for all I care.

You want an allegory? It’s like inviting a tramp in off the street out of the goodness of your heart, feeding him, then finding he’s shat on your carpet.

Please leave comments, accusations of racism, and bleeding-heart liberal diatribes below.

Kev Moore


8 Responses to “23 injured in attack on Norway refugee centre”

  1. Nelson Silva Says:

    I would like to invite you to move the site “Old Junqueira”, a space dedicated to the dissemination of news texts that help draw the media portrait of a small town of Vila do Conde (Portugal), with the help of newspapers already extinct. It is in http://junqueiraantiga.wordpress.com/. Thank you.

  2. Hey Nelson, we very much enjoyed our visit to Vial do Conde, you should read about our travels through Portugal at http://cafecrem.wordpress.com

  3. Kevin, sure, it is a old post I am reading but I want to say I share your great idea : I am native from Calais, a harbour just in front of Dover, from where a lot of migrants want to reach England, this new ‘el dorado’… A lot of problems occured with these groups of poors beggars staying at Calais, with only a hope : to find a truck. Meanwhile, sometimes, they fight themselves and population suffers of it. I knew many of them in former-yougoslavia, and I’d like they go back home if they don’t respect hospitality rules…
    It’s a sort of racism ? Ok, I assume…

  4. Joel, thanks for the comment! I’ve been to Calais many times, and also stayed in a hotel near Sangatte, so I’ve seen first-hand the desperation as the tide of unwanted people spill across “La Manche” into the UK. It’s one of the reasons I went the other way! I lived in Norway too, and it just angered me to see these two groups bring their petty interracial problems to a peaceful country. It might not be a politically correct view, but I think if you disrespect the country who have taken you in, you must forfeit your right to asylum.
    P.S. On a different subject, i have heard you and Pomme want to join us for a Christie concert! We must try and find a logistical solution to somehow make this happen!

  5. Kevin, I really enjoyed planning going to see you in concert with Jeff Christie. It is quite hard to organize this journey for the moment but I don’t forget this project, be sure of that !

    For concluding your post, I share what you wrote. Some behaviours are so unfair.

  6. I forgot something… You stayed in a hôtel near Sangatte ? It’s my native village, more exactly its hamlet, Blériot-Plage where I have been living for 22 years ! Ah, memories and nostalgia…:))
    Take care

  7. Wow, jOEL, It is a small world indeed! I guess the logistics for getting to a Christie concert are not easy! But I feel, perhaps even more shows will be added next year, so it is possible we may get something a little more accessible for you!

  8. I hope so, Kevin ! Who knows ? Maybe, as Miki demanded it, a french promoter will organize concerts…
    But, anyway, I like dreaming… 🙂

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