The Guardia Civil, or, Fascism and intimidation are alive and well in Spain.

I'm sorry to tell you fellas, it's not intimidating and macho - you just look like a bunch of twats..

I'm sorry to tell you fellas, it's not intimidating and macho - you just look like a bunch of twats..

It’s soapbox time, folks. So I drove down to Alicante airport to collect my son and his friend for a holiday over in Spain with me. We drove down to our place in Mojacar. After grabbing a bite to eat at Subway, we were heading home in the car around midnight. We were pulled over at a roundabout by at least 6 Guardia Civil officers, shining torches in our faces. I provided I.D., Driving licence, Insurance. They noticed the insurance seemed to have expired and I tried to explain that it had been paid by bank direct debit and was up to date. I called my partner Miki, who speaks fluent Spanish, but they refused to speak to her, just kept jabbering on at me in 100mph Spanish. They ordered me, my 16 year-old son, and his friend out of the car, searched us all, all our bags, the car…and came out with a knife. It is a tiny, foldaway knife that Miki uses for sharpening her pencils for art, and occasionally for cutting chorizo or cheese when we’re travelling. They treated this “find” as though I was an armed terrorist. They kept on at me, until eventually I said, “you speak to my partner on this phone, or you speak to me in English”.

Reluctantly, the least psychopathic of the gang, for that is what they were, an armed gang in a uniform, spoke to Miki, telling her there was a law against carrying weapons. Well, I wasn’t carrying it, and I subsequently have discovered it is too short to qualify for their law.  They kept it, of course, eventually letting us go.

My car is Spanish registered, road tested and insured and I was carrying my licence. These thugs love these roadside dick-measuring contests. Franco’s spirit is alive and well here, living in the rotten fascist underbelly. Spain needs to shake off this corrupt, bullying image, or the people who brought money and prosperity to this country will up and leave and bestow it elsewhere.  You can see it in the Guardia Civil’s eyes. They are the bully at school, given a gun and a uniform and the chance to show off. It’s sickening.

A Guardia Civil chappie showing off his Penis substitute recently...

A Guardia Civil chappie showing off his Penis substitute recently...


Kev Moore


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  1. cousinavi Says:

    You once left a comment on mine re: Billy Cobham. Just now checking out your venue.
    Re: Spain – they have alot to be sensitive about and some pretty good reasons for being just the way they are. As for bullying copper types, it must have been some time since you’ve dealt with a State Troooper south of the Mason-Dixon line…or anywhere else in America. Cop culture knows no borders. I will say this, though…NO ONE fondles their sidearms like Asian police…and you know what they say about Asians.
    Oh…and I’ll take Billy over Alphonse every day and twice on Tuesday. You do have a point, but I gotta stick with my man Cobham.
    Recently had similar debate when extolling the virtues of Jaco. And I want to be clear here…I love Vic Wooten and Christian McBride…but still give Jaco his dead crazy guy props. (Push comes to shove, I’m a pushover for Ray Brown and Ron Carter).
    Anyway. Just wanted to drop by. Better late than never.
    Keep it on the downbeat, amigo.

  2. Hi cousinavi – I guess the massive rise in criminality here in Spain , maily due to the influx of no-conscience east europeans, goes some way to explaining the Guardia’s attitude. Re: Billy v. Alphonse…I’ve recently been exploring some of Monsieur Mouzon’s other works, and I’ve been distinctly underwhelmed. It appears, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, that “Mind Transplant” was his Sergeant Pepper, probably due to the wealth of talent that added their creative juices to it, Jay Graydon, Lee Ritenour and Tommy Bolin, on the same album!
    Jaco was always the man. Thanks for the visit!

  3. This is a bit of a story.

    My father, Forrest, died in March of this year. He and his wife were residents of Puerto de Santa Maria. His wife, Milagros Sanchez is the daughter of a former Chief of Police for the Guardia Civil.

    My father told me a story about his wife’s father. He was one of Generalisimo Franco’s favored few during Franco’s rise to power. He was awarded a military medal by Franco himself. As the story goes, he was not wearing a shirt during the presentation, and proudly insisted that the general pin the medal to his bare chest. According to the story, Franco obliged.

    My father’s wife’s father became a member of the Guardia Civil after the military.

    I was surfing the net for any mention of such a person in the Guard when I came across this site. The story my father told me seems to explain some of the “bravado” that you must endure from time to time.

    My father was a gentle man, as am I. Do not test the Guardia Civil. I know the type, and too many lives have been extinguished for no good reason.

    • What a stupid and fake comment!!
      I think you might not know that, when Franco was on power, nobody will present himself with no shirt! Hahaha, imagine… it is like someone going to visit Spanish king with no shirt. And people had much more respect to Franco, so dont be such an idiot believing this fake story. If you are going to receive a medal, and specially by Franco himself (the highest military range) you don’t dare to go with no shirt, believe me.

      Guardia Civil is one of the most brave and respectful military police existing in Spain. They fight against terrorism, drugs, common eastern people house breaking, computing crimes… all hardest crimes. But not quite. They also care for traffic issues, forests, mountains and some other environment issues.


      • Thanks for your comment Inigo. I’m always happy to get both sides of the argument, and while I’m sure you’re right – some stories get more and more exagerrated over time, there is, I’m sure at least a grain of truth in some of these accounts. That said, Spain has become a magnet for lawlessness, and I suppose the Police have a hard job dealing with it, and I know there are a great many dedicated officers out there who fight against the rising tide of crime from the Eastern bloc, for example. I just think it’s important that they maintain their perspective and ease off on needlessly harrassing the innocent majority.

      • Dear Inigo 26-8-2009

        You are entitled to your very biased opinion.

        I reiterate what I said and that is that the Garda are COWARDLY AND CORRUPT THUGS.

        A man I know from Germany was stopped on the TF1 for travelling at 138 km per hour. A proper policeman should have asked for his Drivers Licence. He was taken to the Auto bank where he had to withdraw €160 for the Garda who stopped him. He was permitted to continue his journey and he DOES NOT hold a Drivers Licence! Corruption or what?

        I could quote many instances where this type of UNLAWFUL demand for cash has occurred.

        In my case I discovered that the Garda were simply cowardly thugs who were not properly trained in their weapons. The cowardly thug who threatened to shoot me arrived at my home on the day following my “arrest”, to search my home. In the interim he quite obviously had a gender crisis as he was now wearing a white coloured woman’s handbag….macho or what?

        I believe that along with his obvious cosmetics he was also carrying some items in that bag to plant in my home. However, the Court secretary who did not appear to be corrupt, observed him very closely. He was so frustrated by this he took a Drivers Licence from my car that was parked in my locked garage and attempted to tell me it was illegal. The Court secretary pointed out to him that I was wearing handcuffs, not driving my car and he was supposed to be searching my home and its environs for guns and video surveillance equipment!

        Since placing my post I have viewed a video on You Tube that clearly shows a most cowardly Garda thug thumping a helpless woman over the head with a metre long baton.

        Do you still believe these cowardly thugs are brave?

        Yours sincerely

  4. Thanks for your participation – your story does indeed illustrate the mindless macho mindset that seems to be a prerequisite for Guardia Civil membership, past and present. As to not testing them…it is a dangerous path to let bullies in uniform continually think they can get away with anything. But I’m just keeping my head down!

  5. You can’t define the whole Guardia Civil by some jackasess that you found. Any of us has dealed once with stupid policemen, stupid airport security officers, stupid Guardias civiles, stupid security at concerts or events, etc….
    I understand it wouldn’t be a nice situation for you, but linking it to Franco and Fascism… you can link half of Spanish people with that theory.
    I’m preparing the Civil guard exam and I can’t be more against Fascism or any similar ideology. I can accept that there is still many trash at Civil guard, but you’d be surprised if you knew the good things like the equal treatment to men and women, the many international help mission, or the success solving important cases.

    Let’s not forget that Fascism means taking people from their houses and families, take them to the woods and shot them in the back, and it’s much different than being humiliated by a bunch of ignorant-frustrated civil guards. This can happen anytime, anywhere (just look how many bosses treat their employees 😀 ).

    Franco just bled spain for 40 years and prevented us from evolving as a country, leaving a thousand broken families, hate, stigmas and topics upon us…. and sadly there’s many people here who misses it (and I have to apologize about them, they ashame me for being spanish), but there’s also many good (normal) people who wants to look forward, so please don’t put all of us in the same sack.

  6. Thanks for this Sai. Your last paragraph really struck a chord with me – very well put and insightful. I admit a greater part of my piece was just me venting my frustration at what happened to me, but you make a good point about there being such people in other walks of life (Concert security certainly!!) I thank you for your balanced view, and if people like yourself are joining the Guardia Civil, this can only be a good thing, and it can change the way things always change for the best – from the inside. Good luck with the exam!

  7. Thanks for the support, I’ll have to give my best to pass the elimination process, all the exams, interviews, etc…. and mostly when I work there (hopefully), I really hope to keep my values, do a good job as much as I can, and as you say it “change for the best – from the inside” .

    Anyway there’s some true in what you say up there. Many of those school bullies end up joining the police or civil guard as an easy way out, a place to work the least and earn the most, and to use their authority to bully on other people.
    There are also still some high placed commanders with their minds stuck in the past… many things must still change, but don’t forget that actual Spain was “born” in 1975. We came from a civil war where people were forced to kill their own people, even members of their own familiy, and 40 years of a dictator who signed 100.000 death sentences (known). So, 33 years are not enough to heal the wounds and clean the mess… I hope there are more like me (I really hope it, or else I’m screwed O_o””), and we can change things. Anyway… my wish is working at embassies, guess why 😀

    I guess we’ve both been at some concerts :D… you should come to any spanish rock/metal festival so you could say you’ve been in HELL and come back to tell it, seriously 😀

  8. i’ll have to do that Sai! My experience of security at some of the ones i’ve performed at is interesting, to say the least. There’s been times when we’ve been refused access to the stage, and we’re the BAND! 🙂

  9. hehehee… I’ve been playing on one of these bands so popular mostly at Galicia, that goes from one little-village-lost-in-the-middle-of-nowhere to another, playing the greatest hits and songs of the last 4 summer to entertain your and old 😀
    I’ll add you on myspace and maybe you wanna take a look to the last real band I’ve played at (sadly we split up already, it’s pretty hard to go on with a band here at Spain)
    I’ll keep track on the blog too and comment around, so have a nice day!

  10. Not all Guardia Civil are bad, My friend Carles sells weed and hes in the Guardia Civil.

    • hahaha and that shows how corrupt they are. while one lot is selling drugs the others are out fining people 500 euros for possession. any police force that gets so much of its funding from fining people can only be a bad thing. if they dont fine you they will have no jobs. no incentive to stop people breaking the law.

  11. Hey guy, I found your blog by chance and I must tell you you must obey Spanish law when you’re in Spain, as I did with British laws when I lived in the UK.

    You must always carry your insurance receipt. Period. If you don’t, they can stop your car (not you, you’re not insured but the car) until you get it. If you’d live inlands you’ll notice how many people drive uninsured. This leaves you virtually unprotected when an incident happens.

    You’re a foreigner. Bear that in mind. You don’t even speak Spanish. How come anyone pretend to do their own law in a foreign country when he or she can’t even speak the native language? Do you know how many foreigners travel uninsured and drunk? Do you know how many “mafias” are operating in coast areas? They think that since Spain is such a free country where you can, i.e., walk naked on the street, you can do whatever you want leaving aside respect and caring about nothing.

    Don’t blame the Guardia Civil. They make mistakes, but no more than a self-centered pompous foreigner who travels by car with no insurance receipt and a knife of nearly 7cm (the limit by law) and can’t speak a word of the native language. That’s lack of respect, sir.

    • daniel slade Says:

      your wrong about the insurance. you can name drivers here, same as anywhere.(much cheaper)

    • claire sheehan Says:

      I speak perfect spanish as does my 15 year old son who doesn-t smoke, drink, is road legal on his scooter, wears a helmet and is a nice chap. Bit cheeky maybe but not bad. They pushed him around and fined him 1000 euros for whistling at them. I shall not pay it. Bullies and thug they are and a bit thick I think. Yhea very tough and scary pushing a kid around.

      • Hello Claire

        You are not alone against this cowardly and corrupt outfit regardless of what language you speak.

        They only attack the innocent, aged, infirm, drunks and most of all children. In short, someone defenceless.

        Be prepared for a lengthy battle with all sorts of twists. A friend of mine, who refused to be escorted to a cash point, when she wasn’t speeding two years ago is still battling because she alerted AN OTHER by mobile to their attempted cheat. The “fine” increases/decreases as no photographic evidence of her “crime” can be available as she was not speeding.

        All the best in your battle and let us know how you go.

        Take care


  12. OOH! You’re angry aren’t you? Let’s go through this shall we? I believe the limit for a knife is 11cms. i didn’t even know it was in the car, and it belongs to my artist partner for sharpening pencils, but that’s besides the point. At no poijnt did i say I speak NO Spanish – i speak a little, and can understand a fair bit if I’m spoken to carefully. Also, if Spain was willing to take the tourist/resident millions from the Brits for over 30 years, one might expect they will have to deal with some English speaking people. but its not a crime not to be fluent in Spanish – or is it? I do know how many foreigners drive uninsured and/or drunk and i AGREE they should be prosecuted. what that has to do with me, who is insured and never drink I’m not sure. What IS a lack of respect is the Guardia Civil stopping endless motorists on the same roundabout, while 100 meters up the road prostitutes parade half-naked, run by their Romanian pimp whose whereabouts is known. So don’t preach to me about “pretending to do their own law” when that’s exactly what the Guardia Civil do. I think you’ll find the problem of drunken Englsih (which i agree is totally wrong)
    will pale into insignificance as the enormity of the crime wave brought by east europeans and south americans hits home.

    • Sergi Ferrer Says:

      You are just angry, that’s all…
      You can always find a stupid person in any country and profession. The Guardia Civil make a good task in security for Spain, and yes, no speaking Spanish is not a crime (although carrying a knife is – sometimes even if it is smaller than 11 cm, for your info).

      You only want to show that GC is bad because you had one bad personal experience (and think that maybe GC was right) and of course you dont know anything about Franco but the things your country wanted you to think. Franco was no “macho” as you said and me and my parents grew in the Franco period and none of us is a “macho”.


      • Hi Sergi, thanks for commenting. Damn right i was angry, I wasn’t CARRYING knife – it was a normal artists knife that my partner had in amongst her pencils for drawing. Don’t think I don’t know they just used it as a justification for stopping me – I wasn’t born yesterday, I’m not some ignorant third-world immigrant who accepts being terrorized by the authorities. I actually have a brain and QUESTION injustice. I also never said Franco was macho, I believe another commenter said that. I view the GC a little more calmly now, as time has passed since the incident, and of course understand there is a good and bad in everyone, everywhere, but I know that corruption thrives here, and exactly because Spain has become something of a haven for criminality, the GC must show themselves to be beyond reproach. I freely acknowledge that there are brave and dedicated men and women working for them that do good and great work, it is they that must resolve to stamp out the rotten apples.

  13. Interesting post. I can understand your frustration dealing with rude authorities from living in Italy. We were stopped TWICE by 2 different police cars in the same short stretch of road one night. My Italian may not be perfect but I KNEW that the cop couldn’t even converse in correct Italian but instead was gabbling in dialect yet gazing at me with suspicion. How ignorant. Just ridiculous.

  14. Thanks for the comment, pomegranate! To be honest, when i re-read what i wrote here, i realise how angry i was at the time, but well, the blog is a great place to vent!
    I think i’ve calmed down now, but it frustrates me to think they don’t put this kind of attention to detail into catching actual criminals…ah well, just have to wait another week or two for utopia…

  15. Kev, I understand. I was in Spain a couple of times the last two years and we were stopped a few times by the Guardia Civil, my 65 yr old mom, 9 yr old kid and me – all females from the U.S., but we were traveling in the rural roads of Western Andalucia. I have to say one time, we were stopped for no apparent reason and it was a really desolate road. I was warned about the Guardia Civil “rep” and I was pretty nervous, the officers who stopped us looked scary with the guns and they were arrogant and short with us and wouldn’t tell us why they stopped us and asked me, the driver, to get out of the car. Another time I got pulled over, I had driven over a solid line to turn into a gas station on a rural road, no cars for miles, but apparently it was wrong. The GC who witnessed it shouted at me and marched over pretty pissed, whoops… but he settled down the minute we started talking and gave me some information for our trip – I speak fluent Spanish btw, and I think that helps. I have met a few Guardia online, they are intense guys, but it’s probably the training, they have to deal with some serious criminals so they apparently adopt a “don’t F with me” attitude. If you become friends with one though, there are some good guys, I like them in general, I just think they might want to lighten up a little bit on routine traffic stops and whatnot…

  16. Americana, Hi! Great comment. You’re right, of course, when you get to know some of them they’re fine – we had to report a theft here some weeks ago, and they were helpful and grateful for the info. perhaps its the traffic division – in which case they’re not so different to their British counterparts! My anger at the time aside, I do, in the cold calm light of day realise the kind of criminals they have to deal with. I guess the don’t f with me attitude is definitely a by-product of that.

  17. I was on holiday in fuertaventura just this week in the port of correlejo when i happened to be sitting in the quayside next to the guardia civil patrol boats. It was clearly a change of shift because personnel were leaving the boat and the next watch were arriving and taking up post on the 66ft patrol boat. Id heard the stories about the guardia civil being officious but i introduced myself to one of the officers and his response was very warm and receptive . He shook my hand and said in broken English ‘ Very nice to meet you ‘ . He was armed and clearly pressed for time but still he made a few moments for me. I am a Police Sergeant in the UK and my Guardia Civil colleague was aware of that fact which may have had some bearing on his warm response to me. Being a Police officer in whatever country has its difficulties and we all want to live in an ordered society and yet when we have an experience or contact with the Police we have a civilian outlook.Policing is a vocation not a job. The training and life experiences its provides the officer with can lead to a certain amount of sterness but it costs nothing to be polite. Your lack of insurance cover (proof) was no doubt genuine but as a police officer ive heard all the excuses – Its in the post-my bank fouled up- How do you choose who is genuine or you is just trying it on. I look forward to one day being stopped by traffic Guardia . These officers must all have identifying numbers if they are uncivil to you then after the event it might prove useful to write to the officers commanding officers evidencing where their officer was less than professional.My own experience of cops is that the ones with attitude continue to do so until this trait is highlighted and a trend emerges. A training need might need to be addressed with the officer. Police work is tough sometimes and sometimes the cops have to be tough. Support the Guardia and the important work they do.

  18. great comment. and to be honest, I’m heartened by the postive stories my little “rant” has brought forth. Lets hope that the force is being changed from the inside, for the good.

  19. Whilst I cannot speak about the entire Guardia Civil, I can attest to attrocious treatment which I received from them.

    While at a security checkpoint in Tenerife airport, I was stopped and my bag searched, which revealed that I had placed in it a bottle of honey rum. There were no signs in any language informing passengers of what items were/were not prohibited to be brought on board, and one can certainly purchase bottles of honey rum right next to the gate AFTER the security checkpoint, which you can bring on board. So I had no reason to presume that my bottle was contraband.

    This having been said, the Guardia Civil officer told me that I needed to either check the bottle with my bag, by standing on a 2 hr long queue again, which would mean I’d miss my flight, or else I could have him destroy the bottle. At first I elected to have him destroy the 4.95 euro rum, but my wife intervened and sugested that we could, at least have a few sips of it so that it wouldn’t all go to waste. Another Guardia Civil person said that we couldn’t drink it there, but she then said in English, “You go there” while pointing behind where we were standing to the area just past the checkpoint. Which I reasonably interpreted as an instruction telling me to walk there to have a sip of rum.

    When I took a few steps in that direction, I was immediately grabbed by three Guardia Civil officers who escorted me towards, what I thought was going to be the check-in counter area, which I presumed was for the purpose of checking my bottle in with my bag, so of course, I said, “Ok, no problem, I’ll check the bottle with my bag.”

    To my horror, I found myself instead being shoved into a back room where I was subjected to abusive shouting at me by the commandante, and refusal to let me see my wife, have an interpreter or speak with my consulate. Then I was thrown to the ground, my hands and legs twisted until I screamed in excutiating pain (though I was completely limp and compliant), and then handcuffs were applied so tightly that my hands very quickly turned blue and the pain in my wrists was unbearable. They continued to twist my arms and legs and held me up by the cuffs as I screamed in pain.

    Then they threw me in a bare cell, with no toilet, no water, and still in cuffs. Despite my begging for them to just loose the cuffs a little, they burst in, and the commandante, threw me against the wall with such force that my leather jacket left huge marks all over the white walls, and my back was very badly bruised.

    At the same time, unbeknownst to me, the Guardia Civil was trying to force my wife to get on a plane, despite her request to remain and to see me. Fortunately she refused, or I might have disappeared. She managed to talk her way into see me and to get a doctor into see me as well, who insisted that I be taken to hospital rather than remaining injured in the cell.

    Once at the hospital 60 kms away, the Guardia fortunately left me in the hands of kind doctors, who despite knowing that I was under arrest, and being told that I would be retrieved in the morning to attend court, released me to my wife so that we could spend the rest of the night in a hotel.

    The next morning I reached the US Consulate by phone and told them what had happened. They managed to pursuade the Guardia to release my passport and told me that charges of ‘disobeying an authority’ would not be filed. I was told I could return to the airport to retrieve my passport, which they had taken, and that I’d be free to go. That did not happen.

    The Guardia kept me waiting all day till a ‘lawyer’ could be sent to be present when they returned my passport. Finally many hours and calls to the Consulate later, they did release my passport, but did not drop the charges, instead ordering me to attend court on the following Monday (this was now Friday evening). The ‘Lawyer’ said well, there may be a ‘little trial’ in a few weeks, they might make me pay some bail money, they might take me into custody again, they might, etc, etc.

    But once I had that passport in hand, I was out of there pronto! We got on the queue to catch the next flight out, at any cost, and fled for our lives.

    I am reminded of what happened to my father-in-law when the Nazis sent his family a letter ordering them to turn up to be sent to ‘work camp.’ They decided, this doesn’t sound like a oood idea and they fled to Belgium. That’s how my wife was ultimately able to come into existence.

  20. Pepe – I read your harrowing account of your treatment at the hands of these animals – and make no mistake, that’s what they are – with speechless horror. Good people HAVE to stand up against this kind of Fascist bully-boy behaviour, otherwise those “work camps” could see easily loom large in mankind’s sorry history again. Thanks for taking the time to post this, and may new Guardia civil recruits read it and learn. It’s very simple – treat people with RESPECT.

  21. Thanks, kevmoore for your kind words of support. My bruises are still hurting, and actually the pain in my arms has worsened since this happened. That pain is an awful constant reminder of what happened and has added to the trauma of the experience.

    The question I have is how can one stand up to the Guardia Civil when they have the guns and the manpower to use overwhelming physical force? What exactly do you mean by ‘stand up’? If it is to speak out afterwards, then yes, we can all do that. If it means refusing to obey them when there is a chance of getting away with doing so, then yes, perhaps. But there’s nothing one can do about the physical violence when it happens, else that would bring on even worse forms of violence and torture.

  22. Hmmm interesting account by pepe …Lets not forget the airport authorities have a difficult job ensuring that all flight passengers are safe to board and fly with aircraft. From my own police experience i am sure that the guardia civil would not want to encourage anyone to drink alcohol particularly honey rum before boarding a plane. Particularly when they had suggested that the honey rum be either locked away in the case or surrendered to them for disposal. i cant imagine that it would take 2 hours to return to the booking in queue. Pepe and his wife had passed through the security stage at the airport and had time to purchase alcohol surely the initial queue would have diminished in this time. Ive never had to queue for more than 30 to 40 mins even on the busiest of flights. Only Pepe and his wife know whether their account is wholly accurate and with respect to him im not suggesting that the rough treatment he alleges didnt take place . Im sure that pepe has documentation which identifies the officers concerned. What was the date of his arrest what was his flight number. Comparison to Nazi work camps is inflammatory and perhaps even illegal. There are many Brits who live and work in Spain who never have problems with the Guardia Civil. Though i am a british police officer the principles of policing are the same the world over. Im not sure my comments will be well received on this blog. Id love to hear from any serving Guardia officers of their experiences.Lets have some evidence rather than wild claims.

  23. Sporazin, i was with you, and thought you made valid points, and there’s nothing wrong with checking the veracity of Pepe’s account, as it seems an extreme problem…BUT…You lost me when you said “Though i am a British police officer the principles of policing are the same the world over.” I’m afraid you may have that rose-coloured view of the world, but, even assuming British police standards are what they should be, you’re living in another world if you think policing the world over has the same principles. I’m thinking football fans in France batoned to the ground, regardless of whether they’ve caused trouble or not. I’m thinking about my own partner, stopped in a car in Mexico, confused as to why, but then realising they wanted a bribe, and being let go when she handed over money. Also, in the Congo, alleged to have been taking photos in a forbidden area, she was taken to the Police station, and told her camera was confiscated. The guy she was with suggested she offer money, and the camera was miraculously returned, film intact. Bad policing is dangerous, complacency more so.

  24. p.s. Sporazin – ALL comments are welcomed on this blog! God knows, I’m outspoken enough, so why shouldn’t you be? 🙂

  25. i have suffered at the hands of these thugs in uniform also,its a long story but,i recieved two unprovoked attacks with batons frm them,the 1st was because the hotel security were i was staying were also bullys and because one of them didnt like the look of me,we fell out,so he called in his buddy from the guardia civil,who with his partner plus the security guard,who they also armed with a baton,beat me and my three friends in our hotel room and only stopped because the security guard hit me in the forehead,wish caused my blood vessel to explode,this seemed to startle them,they then returned with 7 of der friends for round 2,which resulted in 6oo euro of cigerettes bein stolen from me.i have the scar to this day on my forehead.

  26. Oh my Gudnesss!!!! Huahahahaha !!!!

  27. Jake Rodgers Says:

    You say, “They are the bully at school, given a gun and a uniform and the chance to show off” i think it is more, They got bullied at school and now because they have a gun they can do what ever they want. they are antagonizing and scary.

  28. Jan Gamm Says:

    I had an incredibly bad experience with an officer of the Policia Local – not even Guardia Civil – who impounded my car (admittedly parked half on and half off a pavement, but in company with thirty or so Spanish registered cars which he did not impound. Mine was a hired car). I did not have my licence with me but I lived 100 yards from where my car was parked in the village. He drove me back to my house in a police car, all the while jeering at me in his rear view mirror, and when I gave him directions where to turn he said, ‘I know where you live, I know everything about you’ – holding his crossed hands up (taking his hands off the wheel to do so) to indicate he was going to handcuff me. When we got to my house, he followed me in. I had to leave him in the kitchen while I fetched my licence from my bedroom on the ground floor. When I got back, he had gone into my husband’s study and was sitting at his desk. He got up when I came in, looked at the licence (International licence) and told me it had expired, which it had not. He then quickly ran out of the door, leaving me wondering what the hell was going on. I then discovered that he had legged it quickly back to the village to get the car towed away before I oculd have the chance to remove it myself. Later that day, he was at the car pound (thirty yards or so from my house in the churchyard) and when I handed him the 130 euro fine, was about to turn away when I demanded a receipt. He stormed off to his police car, came back with a receipt and threw it on the ground in front of me. ‘This has cost you a lot of money’ he sneered at me. ‘Oh no,’ I said, finally seeing a way to really piss him off, ‘130 euros is nothing, my friend, such a small amount of money to rich foreigners (lie) we do not even notice such a silly little amount of money.’ He was livid and I paid the price for months afterwards, as the police would stop me every time they saw me, then would wave me on again, just to annoy me.

    The police in Spain, both the Guardia and the Policia Local, are a bunch of thugs in uniform.

  29. Santiago Pons de Irasola Says:


  30. Funny how the britcop can only find fault with the guy at the airport. No criticism of the bully boy methods used by the Guardia. Makes you think of the old saying…..ALL coppers are bastards

  31. spain is a third world bullfighting country , in bad sense of the expression.
    the guardia civil is not respecting the law , ( and they don’t know it ) they just act as they want
    first of all they HAVE TO notify uour rights , they never do it , because the first line say ” you are allowed to stay in silence” which means NO answer to the private , humilation, rude questions of the buullies
    you dont need to be guilty to be harassed by the milicians guardias de la muerte they just frighten the people , the francismo is present
    from spain un saludo

  32. daniel slade Says:

    you could always go home?

  33. It is my belief that the Garda Civil are quite simply a bunch of cowardly and corrupt thugs.

    On 29-10-2008 I was out for a walk in the barranco in Tenerife when an armed man in civilian dress rose from the ground 20 yards in front of me. In late 2003 I had refused to attend to the sexual needs of an old English slapper. That resulted in one of her lovers whom she fed cocaine and alcohol telling me they had hired two gunmen to deal with me. With this in mind I decided to go to the nearby village to ensure witnesses. I made it to the village intending to enter a restaurant but none were open.

    The gunman arrived pointing his loaded pistol at my head. I recognised him as a local Garda and an associate (probably lover) of the Slapper.
    Heavy footfalls accompanied by heavy breathing signalled the arrival of another gunman who loaded his pistol and hit me over the head with it. I made no attempt to deal with these thugs as common sense dictated that it would not be very smart to disarm and handcuff them as their cowardly associates would not be very happy.

    The cowardly obese thug also in civilian dress who hit me over the head then kicked my walking stick from my hand and shouted I was under arrest. The first gunman then changed his aim to my legs and I believe the only reason he did not shoot me was because I had shouted so very loudly many witnesses were now present.

    I decided to remove my hands from the equation and placed them behind my back shouting handcuffs in a bid to discover what they were about. The obese thug placed handcuffs very tightly on my wrists and then kicked me to the ground. Whilst I was on the ground this cowardly obese thug jumped on me twice whilst breathing heavily. I was now suffering much pain.

    This obese thug then went to throttle me but was stopped by the first gunman who then very clumsily removed the clip from his pistol and a round from the breech. This thug then ran off and returned with a Garda patrol vehicle. I was literally pushed into the rear seat and the obese thug unloaded his pistol before getting in beside me where he taunted me after he got his breath back.

    I spent the night suffering in a very dirty cell and was taken before a “judge” the next day. The judges are also corrupt and are bribed the same as the “police”. The “judge” asked me for permission to search my home for guns and video surveillance equipment. Had I refused I would have been placed in custody until they decided to obtain a proper search warrant. A search of my home revealed neither and I was released and never told why I was arrested but have learnt that I was supposed to have resisted “arrest” and that would have resulted in these two thugs justifying their bribery money.

    An x ray revealed two broken ribs (it is medical fact that only 50% of broken ribs show on x ray). I also suffered a double hernia as a result of the cowardly fat thug jumping on me together with many abrasions. My complaints to Garda control has simply meant both thugs being transferred to a larger barracks which is a tactic employed by “police” throughout the World when they have a problem with unstable cowardly employees who mess up their bribery dealings.

    As far as I am aware these thugs no longer steal property from travellers at Tenerife airport as the thugs so involved have also been transferred.

    I am 60 years old and have committed no crime but I understand that the corrupt Franco system has concocted fictitious charges against me. I am unable to discover what they have dreamed up as I hired a “lawyer” who demanded €1500 up front and then failed to assist me.

    I have discovered that it is not only the Garda who are totally corrupt but the “judges” and “lawyers”.

    I have no doubt I made the correct decision to run from the barranco to the village as I would probably have “fallen” off the cliff in the barranco. The fact I made it to the village simply means that these cowardly thugs do not know the area they “police” by corruption and brutality.

    I can be much more specific and have sympathy for anyone unfortunate to meet these cowardly unstable thugs whom my Spanish surgeon describes as a disgrace to his Country.

  34. Cowardly scum, Bet they would shit their pants if confronted alone

  35. What you state is totally true…they never walk alone

  36. I had an experience with them in magaluf james but nowhere near as bad as yours. Me and my friends were on holiday in a hotel called the martinique. There were six guardia on patrol in this particular hotel on the first night and if you heard people having a good time and being loud it would soon be followed by hotel guests pleading for them to stop the beating they were obviously administering, then silence. It was terrible. On the second night i was on the balcony laughing and joking when to my horror i looked towards reception to see hotel staff pointing directly at us with all these green uniforms around them. We ducked, went in and got into bed like kids! Two minutes later they marched past our room to next door and went in only to find a room full of people fast asleep. If they had come into ours i’m sure we would have got a beating. I went to sleep and woke up with knocking at the door at about three am. I answered it and it was a friend of mine, in distress, with a gash on his arm. I put my arm round him, reassured him he’d be ok and walked to the lift. As we got there i heard a load of people running up the stairs. As i turned around the gestapo like guardia surrounded us. As i was in mid sentence trying to explain the biggest coward of them all hit me across the sternum with a baton, which, to be honest didn’t hurt too much with my adrenalin going. I just walked foreward without making a sound to my room. Next morning me and my mates changed hotels out of fear. Paying customers! ive never experienced anything like it in my life. They seemed to only pick on that hotel (maybe because it was cheap) but no excuse for it really. Id like to hear something good about them because from what ive seen they are sadistic pigs of men.

  37. Charles Jumfry Says:

    I was driven to a cashpoint today by the Guardia Civil to hand over 105 euros for not stopping at a junction (apparently). Having read all that I have on this site I think I got off lightly somehow. I was suspicious that the whole thing was a scam to get money off unsuspecting foreigners and was suitably unhappy and a little uncooperative which seems unwise in retrospect and after reading what I have.

    After reading posts about the role that they play in fighting crime, terrorism etc one wonders why they have to hassle motorists in such a heavy-handed manner. The only crime going on in my situation was that they were being paid to drive around and rob civilians for having non Spanish plates.

  38. As stated Charles you have my sympathy.

    These are totally unreal corrupt cowardly thugs.

    I know of many cases where this type of incident ocurred for invented offences but the best one must be where they took €300 and allowed the driver to proceed with no brakes. He always carries money as he deals in dodgy vehicles. What they don’t know is he has a record of all dealings as he is also an electronics expert and takes the time to insert video and sound equipment in all vehicles.

    He does have a real problem in that he cannot present his evidence to anyone as the entire system is totally corrupt.

    As in Fred’s case we are lucky to be able to write about them. On another site I note that they murdered a young man and that murder seems to connected with the murder of two of these thugs recently.

  39. Can you remember name of site james, sounds like an interesting story?

  40. Sorry Fred
    Cannot find it this morning but I will try later…there is so much stuff out there as you would be aware.
    Anyway, there was a bomb in Burgos on 29-7-2009 and on 30-7-2009 the two Garda were bombed. The home of one Garda was the site for the bomb on 29-7-2009.

  41. Further to my last post Fred. I cannot find the site but the murder was of a young man in Basque Country.
    I may have put something like “Deaths caused by Guardia Civil” into Google. That reveals so much that I say again we are lucky to be able to write about the thugs.
    Nothing surprises me about these cowardly thugs as I personally witnessed them handcuff a drunken Spaniard at 5.00a.m. one morning and take him to the top of a set of 40 to 50 steps in the village. I have no doubt the only reason he was not pushed down was due to the fact I illuminated myself on my balcony causing them to remove him.
    I will have another search for that site when time permits.

  42. Never mind cheers for looking. Unbelievable, the list is endless, i just found a site where people were warning of criminals dressing up as guarda, pulling people then robbing them blind. Can you believe they even had cars just like guarda!!!! As if its not the sweaty crooks themselves!

  43. They kept on at me, until eventually I said, “you speak to my partner on this phone, or you speak to me in English”..
    Why dont you learn spanish ? You were in SPAIN, the official language is SPANISH and NOT english.
    And if you dont feel good in spain, why dont you fucking leave ?

    • Ah! A reaction! It took forever to get somebody to bite on that! 🙂 You clearly have a mighty command of English, my friend. Let me put this simply in words you can understand. Twenty-five years ago, this area was severely underdeveloped, most people were selling asparagus by the side of the road, and those roads were lucky to have a decent layer of tarmac on them. After years of being wooed by the Spanish, the Brits (and other nationalities) began coming here – settling, and on holidays. They injected much needed cash into the region, and it began to flourish. Most of the Spanish here speak a modicum of English for the tourists, it makes perfect sense to do so. Whilst I freely admit to not speaking much Spanish, I will use it whenever possible. I can say enough to ask for stuff in shops, order things, pass the rudimentary time of day etc. But when I’m shouted at by a belligerent policeman at 100mph in his native tongue in a stressful situation, and I offer him an alternative method of communicating his requirements to me, he damn well ought to listen. And to answer your final question: I feel great in Spain, thanks very much. I’m just uncomfortable with latent fascism, wherever it may be found. Saludos, y muchas gracias. Hasta pronto.

  44. Last week in Tenerife these cowardly thieving thugs stopped a man from Stoke,England driving a hire car on the TF1. The thug alleged excess speed which meant he should be paid €70. As a direct result of the illegal actions of these cowardly,corrupt thugs throughout Spain it is now a fact that many Spaniards seem to have the capacity to clone cridit cards.
    The man from Stoke had been advised on his very first Spanish visit NOT TO USE OR EVEN CARRY A CREDIT CARD.
    He told the corrupt thug he did not have €70. The thug then demanded to view the man’s wallet that contained £50. The thug stated he would have to speak to the Sergento in the patrol vehicle. He returned to tell the man in perfect English £50 sterling will do instead.
    No receipt or traffic ticket was given was given but I hope the thief reads this post and considers returning the money he stole.
    Language makes no difference to these cowardly thieving and corrupt thugs.



  47. The spanish have seen their wealth accelerate faster than their culture. The guardia, the police and in fact anything to do with government or incumbent monopolies act like organisations from a failed muslim state with the wealth and technology of a first world.

    Corruption is rife, with the occasional mayor whos fallen out of favour being hung out to dry as fodder for the media.

    I had a small shop and the local police president would come round once a year with his vice president side kick selling “advertising for a police charity magazine”. Dressed plain clothed but still wearing a little 9mm or so under the linen shirts. I was advised by my spanish employee to pay or they wont help us if we need them. So we paid but guess what? No magazine is ever printed. they stiffed us for 300 Euros that day.

    Everybody here knows that the local police and guardia confiscate drugs and money and they are not seen again.

    I could write a book on the nonsense that goes on, from Banks moving your money around with asking you, your water and electric getting illegally cut off for non payment (the banks don’t tell you when a direct debit bounces that’s your problem), to the banks collusion in mass tax evasion in underpricing house purchases.

    What gets me is their absolute arrogance.

    They think they are so fantastic but they have youth unemployment at over 50% an economy provided to them by sunshine that they managed to trash with without even trying. How about the plan espana to reviltalise the local economies? 115 million Euros on Palm Trees and Roundabouts, hahaha, insane but Brussels will bail them out so why should they care. 1 billion Euros on wind farms that loose money hand over fist with Spanish land lords enjoying a massive uplift on the value of their otherwise useless real estate, all paid for by Brussels of course.

    The worst of it all the their inability to follow their own laws when it suits them but their absolute indefatigable desire for you to follow those same rules.

    So 300 poor foreigners down the road from me that bought houses, all signed off by the local town hall and mayor as being legal, with proper government notarised documents saying they were legal, have all lost their houses because apparently the Mayor was acting illegally. The people have to sue the Mayor personally and the government are taking no responsibility.

    The attitude I find everywhere is one of institutionalised buck passing and corruption. The english put up with it while it was cheap in spain but now they have seen their prices rise the Englsih are getting angry.

    We have setup a local political party and hope to take control of the town hall next year. They have tried to place a 15,000 Euro tax on our houses last year to install a new sewage system for 75,000,000 euros, the mayors brother runs the sewage company of course, and that was the final straw.

  48. Last month the thieving scum advised I owed them money. They presented as evidence 3Xbills I have receipts for.
    3Xbills with no date which I WILL have receipts for. A bill for car tax for a car I no longer own.
    They then illegally removed €49.01 from my bank account. I have now ensured they will not do that again as I now have ensured no money enters my bank account.
    I have had my electricity terminated…..not necessary when u have sun!
    My Agua terminated..there is plenty of water in the ocean/shops!
    So the criminals with their corrupt “police” r the losers as they no longer have even my basic agaua/bazura/electricty payments in their economy
    These corrupt thugs must rememember Franco is very dead.
    I would have sorted Franco if he had annoyed me as well.
    Meanwhile my Spanish friends have had their pay cut by 5%..Of COURSE THEY ARE THE LEGAL ONES..the cave/Spanish people still continue to rob/steal/assault/abuse whatever is possible


    • Hans Rütteler Says:

      Look, im not spanish, and i dont try to defend spain or their people/police from your accusations…
      but why the hell dont you just leave that so corrupt country, full of “cave people” ?
      Just go back to your UK, where things are a lot better ( though, im not sure about that. why should you stay in spain without electricity and water, if you have your wonderful UK to go back to whenever you want?)
      Dont get me wrong, it’s just a question, i REALLY dont understand.
      if i feel uncomfortable in a country, i simply leave.
      And sorry for my bad english, its not my native language.

      • Hans, I must say, I find Daklo’s post extremely interesting, and one can’t accuse him of not trying to do something about it. Setting up a local political party is a great way to try and change things from the outside in. I do concede you have a point, I’ve often had to stop myself from moaning too much about the country where I chose to make my home…BUT…. For over 25 years I’ve been putting money into the economy here, and where I perceive wrong-doing, I naturally want to speak out. I love Spain, I love the weather, and the country itself, but I’m also concerned about the arrogance that Daklo touches on. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot of nice friendly Spanish out there, off the well-beaten tourist track, but there is a mood swing that makes me think we are reaping the whirlwind, following the condescending ‘first wave’ of Europeans that invaded Spain as tourists even before the demise of Franco.
        Thanks for all your comments on this thorny issue, they make interesting reading!

  49. I believe your English is quite good Hans.

    However, we must reside here as we are entitled to do so we might eventually educate the cave people by the only method they understand…their pocket.

    I will keep you advised of any further corrupt antics of these cave dwellers as I would expect some sort of response to my drastic actions….maybe they will surprise me by returning the money they have stolen from my bank account that is no more!!

    You must have noted their corrupt activities yourself. If you have not you will be the first person in this Country who has not.

  50. What rubbish….

  51. I have been absent for a few weeks but to read the comment from Swine reminds me of that old adage…You expect a grunt from a pig!

    However,I am in the process of reading the local papers I missed when absent and note the locals have at last decided to stand up to the corrupt activities on this island and mainland Spain.

    They call their organisation 15M.

    Because of the cowardly behaviour of the thugs in the Garda the have not as yet been specific about that rotten lot but it has taken 36 years to reach this stage and will take a lot more before these cowardly Garda thugs are dismissed.

    • José V. Ruiz Says:

      You seem really frustated.
      And probably have a problem with authority. Thats ok, I also have. The guardia civil guys can be real idiots if they dont have better things to do.

      But being myself a spaniard who experienced the difficult times of the 1960’s and 1970’s, I also must say that I’m happy to have them today.
      In the past 10, 20 years, they fought for example ETA very effective. Or at least they did what they could. Today you barely hear something about ETA, and thats also thanks to them (although not only).
      Most times its the guardia civil who does the dirty jobs. Whenever there is real danger, they are the firsts one on the scene. And I cant say they do a bad job, or at least thats my experience.
      My older son is in the guardia civil. And just because of that fact I know for sure that not everyone there is a bully, needs a “penis substitute”, or is corrupt.

      No one liked them 40 years ago. That I can guarantee you.
      There may be some problems today with the kind of people you wrote about, but its really exaggerated.
      You can find bullies and machos everywhere, thats absolutely not an exclusive Spanish problem.
      I lived 20 years in Switzerland (and right now I am here again for a while), and I can tell you again from experience, that the police there has the exact same kind of stupid people. Not all, but some.

      Excuse my english if its bad, as you may have noticed, we Spaniards dont easily learn other languages.

      • Jose,

        Thanks very much for your comment. I have, even since my original (very popular!) post, come to realize that the Guardia civil are perhaps the only line being drawn against a lot of the lawlessness imported from Eastern Europe that is corrupting Spain. I certainly don’t doubt they get the dirty jobs, and that many ‘do the right thing’, but it is those, of whom I’m sure your son is one, that need to remain resolute and keep the Guardia Civil above reproach, by blowing the whistle on the ones who are drunk on their power.

  52. Good morning Jose

    You are quite right…I am frustrated.

    You may have read all my posts but I reiterate:-

    I was held at gunpoint by two unfit cowardly thugs in a crowded street. The little thug in front had his gun pointed at my head. When I faced him down he aimed the gun at my legs. I should state he had aimed in the direction of my head and legs as he was shaking so much.

    The fat cowardly thug behind me was doing heavy breathing exercises whilst dropping ammunition and magazines.

    I have respect for decent Spanish people but absolutely none for these cowardly thugs whom I could have disarmed/wasted very easily. The little shaking thug would have been very easily dealt with but the fat thug would probably have expended a round or two before he was under control. Those rounds may have hit one of the decent Spanish people watching. One of those people later went to the Town Hall and complained to the Mayor who has turned out to be a villain when he realised I possessed a few euros after illegally accessing my bank account.

    I permitted the fat cowardly thug to place handcuffs on me and did not deserve to be kicked to the ground and jumped on twice by him as I was handcuffed. As a result of his thuggery I suffered a hernia to my abdomen and two broken ribs. I had previously stated another hernia had been diagnosed but the “doctor” was incompetent as a recent scan proved.

    Those two cowardly thugs then pushed me into the back of a 4×4 with my hands cuffed behind my back.

    After they eventually cleared their weapons I was driven by the little thug to outside my home whilst the fat thug teased and taunted me telling me what he would do if I reacted. I ignored the fat cowardly thug.

    After placing me on public display and bringing out the mentally disturbed old woman who had made all the crazy denouncias about me because I would not attend to her sexual requirements or purchase a yacht for her I was driven at crazy speeds to a Hospital. That little thug requires training in how to drive as he drove through all the red lights in a town scattering pedestrians and motorists as he went.

    At the Hospital the female Doctor who was quite clearly afraid of these cowardly thugs told me I had been bruised. However, some nurses who realised I was in serious pain gave me painkillers whilst the thugs gloated at having me once again on public display.

    I was then taken to a Garda station placed in a filthy cell and teased and taunted by other thugs whom I have seen visiting the crazy old woman late at night! They would shout at me and run away from the cell.

    I was later taken to a local Police station and placed in another filthy cell and told to make my bed for the night. The male staff carried my bed into the cell but a very nasty young Spanish female in civilian dress told me to suffer when I asked for Doctor.

    The following morning I was taken before a young female “judge” who had not washed for quite a while resulting in a peculiar nasty aroma to emanate from her person. She was now in the … that caught the motorbike situation…as she had exceeded her powers by ordering me to be arrested on the untruths of a frustrated old woman who had bribed them to do so.

    This “judge” told me the crazy woman had stated I had firearms and a video system in my home to monitor her movements. I told her I possessed neither and had no desire to monitor the crazy woman’s movements.

    This “judge” then ordered my home to searched. On arrival at my home the little cowardly thug was waiting to join the search. I noted he had since had a gender crisis in that he was wearing a woman’s handbag! That bag made me suspicious as I was very aware he may attempt to plant “evidence” in my home. However, the Court secretary who was present made it very clear to him she did not fear him and actually advised him why he was in my home when he misbehaved on one occasion.

    No guns or videos were found so I was returned to the Court where the dirty little “judge” told me I would have to perform exercises such as reporting to the Court once a week, etc.

    I have just read a report in a local paper dated 7-7-2011 where it is clearly stated that particular “court” is one of two recognised throughout SPAIN :-“as having the worst records with regard to excessive time delays and general incompetence”. That official statement confirms my opinion of the place.

    After being released from handcuffs the dirty little “judge” ranted at me whilst the cowardly Garda thugs actually ran out of the Courthouse.

    The following morning I went to another Hospital and requested an X-ray. A Doctor was then called to advise me of the results. When I told him I had been jumped on by a cowardly Garda thug he became very nervous and agitated. He told me I was simply bruised and he refused to give me any medication as he stated he could not trust me not to take it before I reached home in my car.

    I simply went to a proper Doctor who has no fear of these cowardly Garda thugs. He diagnosed a broken rib and a hernia and gave me some pain relief.

    I later produced the X-ray, which I still hold, to another Doctor who diagnosed a further broken rib. It is a fact that only 50% of broken ribs can be seen on an X-ray.

    A few days later I realised I was being followed by two thugs in an unmarked car. I kept to the main road and soon realised I was driving into an ambush. A traffic branch Garda emerged from a hole in the wall and stopped me. He cheekily saluted me and immediately produced a breath test device. I had not had an alcoholic drink for at least two months prior to this as I was on medication for other problems.

    When my reading produced a row of zeros he gave me a respectful salute and immediately stopped the traffic to let me continue. I formed the opinion he had made his own decision that he was not becoming any further involved in the blatant abuse afforded to me by his colleagues. I was later advised the crazy woman had alleged I was an alcoholic!

    If you combine all this with the fact “police” have rung my doorbell late at night and run away after consuming alcohol in a neighbouring home. They have kicked my door, shouted at my home, rang the doorbell until I removed the batteries…I could go on for pages about their indecency.

    I have written to the King of Spain, the President etc. and although they are aware of the misbehaviour towards me they do nothing to control these most cowardly thugs.

    I hope you now understand why I am frustrated. Frustration that is exacerbated further due to the fact the local Mayor sent me seven bills. I had receipts for three, there were no dates on three and the other was for tax on a car I no longer own. That resulted in money being stolen from my bank account as it took quite while for the electric company to remove what they required.

    I now have no water supply, no electricity supply, no bazura collection, no car and no bank account. I own my own house and manage to exist as I am aware there are people worse off as a result of the cowardly illegal antics of these most cowardly thugs.

    I do not have a landline or mobile telephone. I can also advise you that the Garda used my mobile to track my movements. I can also advise any reader it is quite simple to track anyone who has a mobile phone if you have their N.I.E. number….Telefonica will assist.

    So there you have it as I begin another sunny day. I am frustrated because of the lawlessness of the Spanish “police”, “judges” and “lawyers” but I have some very good friends and that’s what matters in life.

    Take care


  53. I have again read Jose’s post and think it is time to diversify.

    I have no problem with authority if it is decent but one could never equate the two cowardly thugs I encountered from the Garda with any semblance of decent authority.

    When I bought this house I was advised to take out a small mortgage. The reasoning being the mortgage company would have a responsibility. I soon discovered that is not the case in Spain as they only want your money and no responsibility!

    I soon discovered money was disappearing from my bank account. I was advised several cards I did not want or require were ready for collection which accounted for some money.

    I went along to the Bank to query all the discrepancies and discovered I was not alone. None of the regular staff were present and the place was a hive of activity with “Mr. Muscles” keeping order whilst wearing a most pristine uniform. I joined the queue. Three managers were present!

    I left the Bank without my €2,000+. The manager had helped himself to my money. He was transferred and despite communicating with the Bank of Spain I never received my money.

    So much for authority in Spain.

    I opened an account at another Bank where the deputy manager required €150.00 for the deposit of €30,000.00. I advised him I do not pay bribes to anyone and obtained a refund. I paid off the mortgage and took the excess of money elsewhere.

    Whilst closing my account I was asked,” Is there a problema?” That was despite the fact the person who introduced me to the Bank had all five of their now extinct accounts ripped off and I was still missing €2,000+!

    The basis of my problems at present with those supposed to be in control (AUTHORITY) in Spain is that the denouncia system is quite simply a criminal enterprise. People record the most awful lies about someone they hate and a “court” situation commences.

    A Spanish lawyer tells me the only answer is to pay the most money to the “police” and “judges”, tell the best lies and you win the “case”. That lawyer told me he thought he joined an honourable profession but is now ashamed to be Spanish because of this and other criminal “legal” activity.

    Because of the nature of the ridiculous allegations this crazy old woman, prompted by her old slapper of a friend, makes about me I tend to keep copious notes about my movements. In two alleged instances I was totally on my own on the entire site and even she was not present! How do I rebut those allegations? Quite simple was the answer from a Spanish lawyer. Here is a list of people you must pay who will tell the best lies on your behalf. They witnessed what really occurred!

    So much for authority as I will never pay bribes to anyone regardless of what allegations are made about me.

    I have written to those in charge of the totally corrupt “judges”, lawyers” and “police”. Despite the facts nobody has responded to me as it is quite apparent they can see their extra cash (black money) eventually disappear. To date I have been reliably advised an “interpreter” and a “judge” have been dismissed because of their exceptionally bad behaviour but nobody has even attempted to sort the dirty little “judge” who unlawfully ordered my “arrest” and it’s resultant unprovoked assault on my person by the two cowardly thugs from the Garda.

    So much for authority.

    Is there anyone in AUTHORITY in Spain who is not corrupt? Please let me know if there is as I cannot find anybody.

  54. Recently fined 400 Euros by the Guardia Civil for not coming to a complete standstill before entering a roundabout. The speed I was travelling did not register on my speedometer. Spain is corrupt, backward and uncivilized and I thoroughly recommend that people holiday elsewhere and certainly do give any consideration to living here. I previously lived in France, Uruguay and Argentina and would recommend all of those ahead of Spain

    • Anthony Says:

      You must be kidding.
      Uncivilized? Backward?
      Ok I get it. You’re angry, you have to pay 400 euros because of your own mistake (everyone says he’s Innocent),
      then you search google about guardia civil
      and now you accuse the whole country of being
      uncivilized. And backward. And all that because you dont know where the brakes in your car are.
      Now, who’s uncivilized?

    • Congratulations A

      You have confirmed that these low life cowardly thugs monitor the internet.

      In my case they continue to have sexual relations with the demented old woman who bribes them with untrutful denouncias.

      As she has a serious strain of an S.T.D. my fervent prayer is that they all become infected. There is no medical cure as it returns!

      Did you receive a recipido for your €400?

  55. antoinette Says:

    corruption is really alive and well, please call me if you want to here the story of an irish girl tortured for 3 years by the police because she knew too much 63i8 499 469…..please if you are against racism and pro human rights please call the guardia civil tarifa and ask why i was beaten by drug dealers last friday night in tarifa cadiz, accompanied by local police to the cartel and not allowed make a denuncia and have since been 12 times and still not given the right to a denuncia,, il tell u why because ive seen these guardia civil offloading drugs from boats with these drug dealers,, please make an anonymous call to the cartel this is not correct my name is antoinette donnery

  56. antoinette Says:

    638 499 469 if any journalist want a real sad story

  57. billy balfour Says:

    check out the guardia civil insignia,,,it is a fascist insignia even identical to that of mussolin´is…says it all

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