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The Great Fire of Gaia – 2 –

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Gaia 2

The council convened, trying desperately to link their life force to pull yet another of the tree people through to the safety of the Other Dimension, but all at once, a blinding phosphorescence, and the creature began to immolate in the searing heat.

The ensuing blast sent shock waves into the Other Dimension, and the council members bowed under the pressure, fearful that their haven too, would suffer the same fiery fate that was consuming Gaia.

Imperious, the tall, black figure of Zhindu floated amongst the council, her grim determination almost palpable.

“We cannot continue to lose our people like this!” she exclaimed, with quiet, terrible anger.

The three council members began sobbing, and the cool breezes of the Other Dimension caressed their branches, mute to their cries.

A continuing Tale by Kev Moore, inspired by the Fantascapes series by Miki

Miki & Kev Moore both on Planet Goodaboom


Embracing Death

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Embracing Death

It may seem morbid, but as I hurtle towards my fiftieth birthday, I am ever more aware that, in all likelihood, there are more years behind me than there are ahead, and my thoughts naturally turn to one’s own mortality. Gone the wild abandon of youth, where death is something that happens while you’re “busy making other plans”.

It’s a double-edged sword, of course, because each day tastes sweeter, like a rare wine collection that has a finite number of bottles remaining, and the less there are, the greater they are savoured.

But this painting by Miki had a powerful message for me, and prompted me to write the following poem. And as I write this introduction, I am reminded of my Grandma, and how, after her death, the family went to her house and discovered all her belongings, all her dealings, in perfect order. She had prepared. She was ready.

I think the most one can hope for is that we are at peace when he calls, that he doesn’t call too early, and that he is received as a friend.

Embracing Death

Ah! There you are..
I’ve been waiting
All my life, it seems
Each heavy second
Passing with a leaden “thunk”
Has brought me to this brink
This precipice
But I am ready
I have made my peace
Said my goodbyes
All my affairs in order
Cried the worst of cries
I lived it long
I lived it full
Not perhaps, what I’d wanted, all
But still, a worthy innings
I made my mark
I left an heir
To light the spark
And start another rolling of the ball
So , let’s away!
Turn, and let me see your face
So I succumb to Death’s embrace.
Copyright Kev Moore 2008
Art by Miki

The Leaving

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The Leaving

It’s done.
Less  years ahead alone
Than behind together
Safely clear of storms
No more heavy weather

He  stands in silence
Facing the tree his Father planted
His roots, too, are deep
Always doing what his Father wanted

Him. Resolute. Immovable.
No apologies to send me on my way
No remorse or comforting words
To lighten my load this day

He is not wrong.
He never is
Ten years to the day
Since our last kiss
Which now hangs bitter
On my lips
Like rotten fruit upon the bough
Of  that damned tree
The tree that seems to outlast me, now.

My Ears don’t lie
I hear her
The rustle of her robes
As from the house she flies
Oh daughter! Do not make me turn around
I cannot bear this awful sound
Her wailing,
Kept in time by hurried footsteps on the ground

“Mother please! Return!” Her plaintive cry…
“Do not despair, for true love never dies!”
Oh,  the innocence of youth!
For true love never touched on him
Nor I.

Words: Copyright Kev Moore 20/01/08 Art: Copyright Miki 20/01/08

A Merry Christmas to All!!!

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I dont normally duplicate articles on my blogs if I can help it, but, well…its Christmas!! Here’s a song I wrote primarily for our Multi-author blog, Cafe Crem to wish them all a Merry Christmas.

I wanted to write a little about how the song came about here on the Muse though.

It took two days to conceive, write and record it. The words came very quickly. In fact the chorus, word for word, is exactly as it was the first time I ad-libbed it to get an idea of the tune I would use!  It has some quite nice countermelodies weaving in and out. The trumpet (to evoke a Salvation army feel) the recorder, and a gliding string line throughout. The piano was recorded in two separate parts owing to my lack of ability!

The early chiming bells are not so much Christmas as Tibetan, but the ones heralding the boy’s mention of Santa are genuine holiday sleigh bells.

The choir singing a snippet of “Hark the Herald angels” is me, multitracked 9 times.

The main vocal is a single track, but the final payoff line is accompanied by me doing a 2 part gospelly refrain.  Hope you like it, Merry Christmas!!!

The lyrics are below, should you choose to sing along!


A Shadow of his former self

Lies huddled in the snow

Arms outstretched and weary

Got nowhere else to go

A tide of people sweep by his hands

They’re unaware

Shameless now, he begs them

“A penny if you can”

Nobody cares

And he tries not to cry

Remembering Christmasses, gone by…

One stranger, drops to his knees

Looks into his eyes and says

“Mister won’t you please?

I’ll help you, what do you need?

Tell me, can I give you something for your pain?

The man looks back in wonder

And he’s rewarded with a smile

For the stranger stood before him

Is just a little child

Coins so bright and shiny, fall from his hands

Lit by the moon

“Here’s my pocket money, I don’t need it all

Santa’s coming soon”

And the man through his tears

Feels that the spirit of Christmas, is here.


Copyright 2007 Words and Music Kev Moore

Storm at Sunup

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One of my fellow bloggers, Lisa, was commenting recently on the Presentations Miki and I do which involve my poetry and music, and her paintings. I thought today I’d put an example of that. This is one of those we have presented in our shows recently. In the Gallery, they are available to buy as a framed picture with an accompanying CD of the poem narrated by me against the backdrop of my musical composition.

Click on the Player below the picture to hear the poem and music.

Storm at Sunup

Storm at sunup

How wild the wind!
The leaves are playthings in its grasp
Torn from branch
And swept up in its arms at last

The stillness of the night recedes
And sunup brings the wind and his misdeeds
Tugging, pulling, unseen fingers
Pry the tiles from tops of houses
Old men´s wildly flapping trousers

Ladies hold their bonnets tight
And dogs all yelp and bark in fright
The playful wind rushes across,
the hillside, ruffling the moss
and heather, pulling at the trees
it tries to rip them root and branch
from ancient soil before it leaves

An amber sky that heralds suns arrival
forms a backdrop to the black crow´s cry
„storm at sunup, fly, my brothers, fly!”

Kev Moore at Delfos

Kev performing a song inspired by one of Miki´s Paintings at a show in Spain last year.

Poem & Music by Kev Moore – Copyright 2007

Art & Photo by Miki 

Good Men do Nothing

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Mohammed the Teddy Bear

I have read, with increasing disbelief, the current news story about the British Teacher incarcerated in the Islamic state of Sudan for allowing her class to name a Teddy Bear Mohammed. The reactions of religious zealots demanding her public flogging, death, or both, is only surpassed by the deafening silence from the supposedly peace-loving majority of muslims.

My anger is swiftly overtaking my despair. I tried to release some of it in the following verse.

Good Men do Nothing

Such anger boils within me

What right have they to hijack faith

And use it as a stick to beat the innocent?

Projecting their warped hatred of faith

On that icon of love, a child’s teddy bear

Where the condemnation for those

That murder in their prophet’s name?

Poisoning Islam blood-lust to kill and maim

The so-called moderates standing piously by

Oblivious to horror, pain and suffering

This evil will take wings and fly

If all good men do nothing.

Words: Kev Moore Copyright 2007

Art by Miki and Kev Moore

The Winged Messenger

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The winged messenger

I thought I´d share another of my poems inspired by Miki´s paintings with you today. It´s a rare thing, to have a Muse that fires your creativity. In almost every case, when I look into one of Mikis´paintings, I am transported to another world, and feel the need to write about it. Here is one of the results.

The Winged Messenger

Solitary, the winged messenger precedes
The fateful gathering of the seas
As water does the planet´s will
An ancient prophecy fulfilled

The town, oblivious, sleeps till dawn
The cry of warning, now forlorn,
is lost upon the boiling foam
that threatens every house and home

Scant moments of tranquility remained
Now stolen by the sea
And soon that lovely bird will soar
O´er cities that exist no more

Words by Kev Moore

Art by Miki

Copyright 2007