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The Fantascapes

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It’s been a while since I produced any new music, so I was pleased to help my partner, the French Artist Miki, when she asked for a short film and musical soundtrack to introduce her “Fantascape” series to the world. I love these particular art pieces that she’s created, so it was a joy to try and create a musical atmosphere to complement them.

I went for an ambient kind of percussion feel, with washes of ethereal-sounding keyboards, a mellow bass and some distant, cranked-up messy lead guitar to round it all off….Enjoy!

Kev Moore


The Great Fire of Gaia – 1 –

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Gaia 1

He stared in horror as the red fire began to eat into her lower torso. He swore he could feel the unbearable heat, even though he was safe in the soft cooling breezes of the Other Dimension.

He looked helplessly to E’nkara..

“I cant save her!” said Lorcan

“But look, she’s nearly through!” shouted E’nkara.

They both gazed in horror as the head and shoulders of Petamine reared up in their dimension. Her screams of agony shattered the stillness there.

“She won’t….she can’t survive” gasped Lorcan, “not unless she’s intact.”

They stood, silent sentinels, witnessing the merciful cessation of Petamine’s screams. The portal closed, her ragged torso severed, and already returned to muted wood, a charred, accusatory finger pointing skywards.

“It will claim them all!” whispered E’nkara

“No!” exclaimed Lorcan, head bowed in concentration. “We must help them cross over, before the whole planet becomes a fireball.”

The purple and gold reflections in the cosmos, so beautiful in this, the Other Dimension, caused them to shudder, for they knew that they were but a window onto the fires ravaging Gaia, their lost home.

A continuing Tale by Kev Moore , inspired by the Fantascapes series by Miki

Miki & Kev Moore both on Planet Goodaboom

A Great Fire – a glowing ember thrown up by the explosion of Miki and Susans Fantascape project

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Over the last week or so, I began to feel the rumblings of something, like a large truck hurtling down a distant highway, or the fading aftershocks of a great earthquake…It actually turned out to be the meeting of artistic minds, as my partner Miki, and our friend, the californian artist, Susan Cornelis, began to formulate a project entitled “Fantascapes” , where each would create a new painting, publishing alternately, each inspiring the other, in a spiralling series of creativity. it is a colurful and exciting journey into the unknown, and Susan and Miki kindly suggested I should jump on for the ride. I was flattered, but was preoccupied with putting a solo show together here in Spain.

Miki, in her usual highly effective manner, prompted me that I really ought to do something. So, solo show done and dusted, I took up the baton. And I’m going to run with it. Each painting, in turn, will be the soundboard for a section of a continuing story which will unfold as we go. Miki´s paintings will form the story, Susan´s paintings will form a short film to which I will write an original piece of music whenher series is finished.

I have no idea what will happen. Let’s see where it takes us!

Kev Moore

The Leaving

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The Leaving

It’s done.
Less  years ahead alone
Than behind together
Safely clear of storms
No more heavy weather

He  stands in silence
Facing the tree his Father planted
His roots, too, are deep
Always doing what his Father wanted

Him. Resolute. Immovable.
No apologies to send me on my way
No remorse or comforting words
To lighten my load this day

He is not wrong.
He never is
Ten years to the day
Since our last kiss
Which now hangs bitter
On my lips
Like rotten fruit upon the bough
Of  that damned tree
The tree that seems to outlast me, now.

My Ears don’t lie
I hear her
The rustle of her robes
As from the house she flies
Oh daughter! Do not make me turn around
I cannot bear this awful sound
Her wailing,
Kept in time by hurried footsteps on the ground

“Mother please! Return!” Her plaintive cry…
“Do not despair, for true love never dies!”
Oh,  the innocence of youth!
For true love never touched on him
Nor I.

Words: Copyright Kev Moore 20/01/08 Art: Copyright Miki 20/01/08

Storm at Sunup

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One of my fellow bloggers, Lisa, was commenting recently on the Presentations Miki and I do which involve my poetry and music, and her paintings. I thought today I’d put an example of that. This is one of those we have presented in our shows recently. In the Gallery, they are available to buy as a framed picture with an accompanying CD of the poem narrated by me against the backdrop of my musical composition.

Click on the Player below the picture to hear the poem and music.

Storm at Sunup

Storm at sunup

How wild the wind!
The leaves are playthings in its grasp
Torn from branch
And swept up in its arms at last

The stillness of the night recedes
And sunup brings the wind and his misdeeds
Tugging, pulling, unseen fingers
Pry the tiles from tops of houses
Old men´s wildly flapping trousers

Ladies hold their bonnets tight
And dogs all yelp and bark in fright
The playful wind rushes across,
the hillside, ruffling the moss
and heather, pulling at the trees
it tries to rip them root and branch
from ancient soil before it leaves

An amber sky that heralds suns arrival
forms a backdrop to the black crow´s cry
„storm at sunup, fly, my brothers, fly!”

Kev Moore at Delfos

Kev performing a song inspired by one of Miki´s Paintings at a show in Spain last year.

Poem & Music by Kev Moore – Copyright 2007

Art & Photo by Miki 

The Winged Messenger

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The winged messenger

I thought I´d share another of my poems inspired by Miki´s paintings with you today. It´s a rare thing, to have a Muse that fires your creativity. In almost every case, when I look into one of Mikis´paintings, I am transported to another world, and feel the need to write about it. Here is one of the results.

The Winged Messenger

Solitary, the winged messenger precedes
The fateful gathering of the seas
As water does the planet´s will
An ancient prophecy fulfilled

The town, oblivious, sleeps till dawn
The cry of warning, now forlorn,
is lost upon the boiling foam
that threatens every house and home

Scant moments of tranquility remained
Now stolen by the sea
And soon that lovely bird will soar
O´er cities that exist no more

Words by Kev Moore

Art by Miki

Copyright 2007

He Paints the Stars

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He paints the stars


We reach the city at world´s end
Its yellowed granite walls enclose
This wondrous time-worn edifice
That kept out ancient foes

And if you look you´ll see
The lofty ladders from afar
Where young and old are trained for years
To climb and paint the stars

The great and good, with firm intent
Proceed to paint the firmament
And comets, moons and planets all
Will fall beneath their brushes thrall

For this city is no normal place
Existing in both time and space
Across the heavens it will race
To paint its twinkling splendour

The love, exceeded only by
The magic that is in their eyes
When painting sights that make men cry
This heavenly endeavour

And so, the young boy, keen to learn
Will patiently await his turn
A goodness in him brightly burns
And fires the brush in hand

He paints with preternatural speed
Swiftly accomplishing his deed
The starlight in the heavens freed
To light a distant land

Kevin Moore, copyright 2007

Art by Miki