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The Fantascapes

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It’s been a while since I produced any new music, so I was pleased to help my partner, the French Artist Miki, when she asked for a short film and musical soundtrack to introduce her “Fantascape” series to the world. I love these particular art pieces that she’s created, so it was a joy to try and create a musical atmosphere to complement them.

I went for an ambient kind of percussion feel, with washes of ethereal-sounding keyboards, a mellow bass and some distant, cranked-up messy lead guitar to round it all off….Enjoy!

Kev Moore


A Blast from the Past

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 Kev Moore

Graham Oliver and Kev Moore

Further to my previous entry, in which I unashamedly reminisced about my old band Tubeless Hearts, I present here, following requests to hear the band, one of my favourite tracks. It’s called Good Love, and was written by myself and Fos Foster. It features Graham Oliver of Saxon guesting on lead guitar. I have worked with Graham many times over the years, whether it be on this project, touring with Saxon, or his solo album. He is a great musician, a dear friend, and one of the nicest guys in the business.

The article you see above shows Graham and I after performing an instrumental piece we composed for the Dearne Valley Opera. The whole production was about a mining disaster at a Yorkshire Coal mine, and was beautifully narrated on the day by that larger than life actor, Brian Blessed.

Just click on the player below to hear Good Love