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The Guardia Civil, or, Fascism and intimidation are alive and well in Spain.

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I'm sorry to tell you fellas, it's not intimidating and macho - you just look like a bunch of twats..

I'm sorry to tell you fellas, it's not intimidating and macho - you just look like a bunch of twats..

It’s soapbox time, folks. So I drove down to Alicante airport to collect my son and his friend for a holiday over in Spain with me. We drove down to our place in Mojacar. After grabbing a bite to eat at Subway, we were heading home in the car around midnight. We were pulled over at a roundabout by at least 6 Guardia Civil officers, shining torches in our faces. I provided I.D., Driving licence, Insurance. They noticed the insurance seemed to have expired and I tried to explain that it had been paid by bank direct debit and was up to date. I called my partner Miki, who speaks fluent Spanish, but they refused to speak to her, just kept jabbering on at me in 100mph Spanish. They ordered me, my 16 year-old son, and his friend out of the car, searched us all, all our bags, the car…and came out with a knife. It is a tiny, foldaway knife that Miki uses for sharpening her pencils for art, and occasionally for cutting chorizo or cheese when we’re travelling. They treated this “find” as though I was an armed terrorist. They kept on at me, until eventually I said, “you speak to my partner on this phone, or you speak to me in English”.

Reluctantly, the least psychopathic of the gang, for that is what they were, an armed gang in a uniform, spoke to Miki, telling her there was a law against carrying weapons. Well, I wasn’t carrying it, and I subsequently have discovered it is too short to qualify for their law.  They kept it, of course, eventually letting us go.

My car is Spanish registered, road tested and insured and I was carrying my licence. These thugs love these roadside dick-measuring contests. Franco’s spirit is alive and well here, living in the rotten fascist underbelly. Spain needs to shake off this corrupt, bullying image, or the people who brought money and prosperity to this country will up and leave and bestow it elsewhere.  You can see it in the Guardia Civil’s eyes. They are the bully at school, given a gun and a uniform and the chance to show off. It’s sickening.

A Guardia Civil chappie showing off his Penis substitute recently...

A Guardia Civil chappie showing off his Penis substitute recently...


Kev Moore


Just when will Britain wake up and smell the coffee?

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Orpington Vandals 

Vandals at Orpington Rail Station throw paint at the walls. A good argument for sterilisation, or in this pillock’s case, smothering at birth. His mother must be so proud.

Teacher, Linda Walker, (50) has been cleared on appeal, after serving 5 weeks of a 6 months custodial sentence for firing an airgun near two youths who were harrassing her outside her home in Urmston, Manchester. She now has a 12 month suspended sentence hanging over her head.

What the hell is going on? This woman was driven to despair, fearful and angry at the relentless abuse and vandalism to her and her house and garden that wnet unchecked and unpunished by the Police, but oh, the moment she decided to act, SHE was the criminal all right, charged with affray and possessing a firearm.

Last year, Father of three Garry Newlove was KICKED TO DEATH outside his home for trying to protect his wife’s car from being vandalised. Do you know what? If he’d had a gun  and blown the lawless scum to the hell in which they belong, I would have shook his hand, because he would stil be alive to shake it. The perpetrators? Probably being educated at her Majesties Pleasure, and taxpayers expense to a higher standard than our own children, and then given new identities.

I denounce and despise the country in which I used to live when it allows scum like this to wreak havoc and ruin, and take innocent lives.  Great Britain? Don’t make me laugh.