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The Fantascapes

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It’s been a while since I produced any new music, so I was pleased to help my partner, the French Artist Miki, when she asked for a short film and musical soundtrack to introduce her “Fantascape” series to the world. I love these particular art pieces that she’s created, so it was a joy to try and create a musical atmosphere to complement them.

I went for an ambient kind of percussion feel, with washes of ethereal-sounding keyboards, a mellow bass and some distant, cranked-up messy lead guitar to round it all off….Enjoy!

Kev Moore


Students of History

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 Tubeless Hearts Wakefield

At a concert in Leeds some years ago, the former Be-Bop Deluxe frontman and guitarist Bill Nelson, in response to cries from the crowd to play his biggest hits, doggedly refused and continued with his latest, albeit less popular electronica, telling the assembled crowd “There seem to be some students of history amongst us”.

It is very easy to disassociate yourself from your past, trying to become, or indeed remain, the next “big thing”. But often, it is the work of an earlier time, and the appreciation thereof, that allow you to do your own thing in the present day.

I haven’t really revisited the album I made with Tubeless Hearts in 1994. It holds painful memories of dreams unfulfilled. It is sadly synonymous with a time of upheaval, of failure, of lack of direction.

But hindsight’s rose-coloured spectacles are curious indeed.  Very slowly, the Tubeless Hearts CD is again attracting attention, from Japanese collectors to AOR Rock magazines.

It mysteriously begins to turn up on bootleg album cover art sites, and on rare record sale lists, commanding up to 85 euros.  It is against the background of this peculiar interest that I decided to listen with fresh ears to the album that Myself, Fos Foster, and Simon Kay gave so much of ourselves to fourteen years ago.

As I sit here, listening, I’m filled with pride for what we did. We didn’t just write the songs, we dug out my cellar with bare hands, emptying the rubble bag by bag, like miners, until we had a large enough area. Then we proceeded to build the studio, piece by piece, from nothing. This was truly a D.I.Y. album, we did damn nearly everything!  Three Americans played a big part in this story; Mike Powell, Greg Purring, and Chuck Prendergast. They gave us the one thing money can’t buy; belief.

So now, when I get emails asking if the CD is still available, or asking for info for an article about it, or even find a site where its fetching 85 euros,  I smile, and feel secure in the knowledge that we created something special, and something that will be around, in somebody’s collection, somewhere, long after we’re dust.

Tubeless Hearts in Norway

 on tour in Norway L-R: Kev,Fos,Simon (lead photo:a break from rehearsing,behind The Beehive, Wakefield)

Kev Moore

A Merry Christmas to All!!!

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I dont normally duplicate articles on my blogs if I can help it, but, well…its Christmas!! Here’s a song I wrote primarily for our Multi-author blog, Cafe Crem to wish them all a Merry Christmas.

I wanted to write a little about how the song came about here on the Muse though.

It took two days to conceive, write and record it. The words came very quickly. In fact the chorus, word for word, is exactly as it was the first time I ad-libbed it to get an idea of the tune I would use!  It has some quite nice countermelodies weaving in and out. The trumpet (to evoke a Salvation army feel) the recorder, and a gliding string line throughout. The piano was recorded in two separate parts owing to my lack of ability!

The early chiming bells are not so much Christmas as Tibetan, but the ones heralding the boy’s mention of Santa are genuine holiday sleigh bells.

The choir singing a snippet of “Hark the Herald angels” is me, multitracked 9 times.

The main vocal is a single track, but the final payoff line is accompanied by me doing a 2 part gospelly refrain.  Hope you like it, Merry Christmas!!!

The lyrics are below, should you choose to sing along!


A Shadow of his former self

Lies huddled in the snow

Arms outstretched and weary

Got nowhere else to go

A tide of people sweep by his hands

They’re unaware

Shameless now, he begs them

“A penny if you can”

Nobody cares

And he tries not to cry

Remembering Christmasses, gone by…

One stranger, drops to his knees

Looks into his eyes and says

“Mister won’t you please?

I’ll help you, what do you need?

Tell me, can I give you something for your pain?

The man looks back in wonder

And he’s rewarded with a smile

For the stranger stood before him

Is just a little child

Coins so bright and shiny, fall from his hands

Lit by the moon

“Here’s my pocket money, I don’t need it all

Santa’s coming soon”

And the man through his tears

Feels that the spirit of Christmas, is here.


Copyright 2007 Words and Music Kev Moore