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The Fantascapes

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It’s been a while since I produced any new music, so I was pleased to help my partner, the French Artist Miki, when she asked for a short film and musical soundtrack to introduce her “Fantascape” series to the world. I love these particular art pieces that she’s created, so it was a joy to try and create a musical atmosphere to complement them.

I went for an ambient kind of percussion feel, with washes of ethereal-sounding keyboards, a mellow bass and some distant, cranked-up messy lead guitar to round it all off….Enjoy!

Kev Moore


First bass No.4 – Aria on a budget

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Kev is inevitably upstaged by the understated simplicity of the sleek black Aria

Somewhere in the North East of England, I’m guessing near Sunderland, I’m on stage, seemingly willing my bass to levitate. This picture is notable for several things. Firstly, note Simon Kay, Tubeless Hearts’ drummer, behind his highly collectable Ludwig Vistalite kit. He bought it with money he won at the Casino, and although he admittedly sold it so he could buy Phil Collins’ actual kit from the Genesis “Duke” album and tour, he was financially too embarrassed to hang on to this classic. Note also, my doomed John Birch from an earlier entry, now relegated to being propped up against the amp as a spare bass, and if you look really closely, you can see how I let some half-assed “luthier” (I use the word loosely)  install a Fender p-bass split pick up with a brushed aluminium plate, at the expense of the original John Birch pickup. What was I thinking? Obviously not a lot, as the John Birch soon left my hands in order to bolster my ailing bank account.

In retrospect, I suppose a guy who wears a sports headband in an ill-advised Dire Straits moment, and Aladdin Sane make-up 8 years after Bowie had discarded it is always going to be accused of bad judgement. So let this be a lesson to all of you…..

The bass around my neck, (if not actually in my hands) is an Aria Pro 2. I think the model is an 800b or something. It comes with a simple single pickup configuration, and a coil tap switch. it was quite simply, the heaviest b*stard in the world, and I’m pretty sure I can trace my recent visits to a chiropractor right back to this joker.
The upside was, I found it in a second-hand shop in Leeds  for 125 of your English pounds, in pristine condition, complete with hard case, and in fairness, it produced a lovely rich tone, which was not surprising, considering the wood had a density rivalling that of a white dwarf. (the star, not a small Caucasian person).

It became my constant companion for several years…

Next time; losing my head….

An Audience, with Kev

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audience raised handsI was asked in these hallowed pages what I thought the differences (if any) were, between audiences across the world.  I know I might be in danger of generalising here, but I feel there ARE differences.

They can vary from venue to venue, as well as country to country, but I must say, compared to the English audiences, the Germans are more up for a good night out. They turn the concerts int o a real event with beer tents dotted throughout the crowd, and stalls selling curious luminous “things to wave about” which has the effect of making the audience look magical when the lights go down.

My primary gig is playing in a band fro the 70’s, and I’ve noticed that in the UK, unless music is right up to the minute, there is a fear of being seen to like it. I hate this kind of bandwagon jumping, “Oh, Babyshambles must be great, they’re in the news all the time, because Pete Dohertys a junkie, so its like, really street cred.” Well, I’m sorry, they’re rubbish and he’s a loser. But people in England are so terrified of being scene to be out of date they clamber onboard the latest gaily coloured bandwagon before the paint has dried.

But in Germany, they will come, in their thousands to watch you for one reason, and one reason only. If the music is good. This means, we will play stadiums in Germany, where in previous weeks there will have been such diverse acts as Prince, Tony Christie and Kiss, all well-attended. The demographic of the crowd is also very different. Teenagers will accompany their parents to see bands like ourselves, Slade and T.Rex, and are not ashamed to be seen to do so. They are not behind the times. They like new music as well. They are just not blinkered to the past.

Americans are wildly enthusiastic, its child’s play to whip them up into a frenzy with a few well-placed yeahs! and woo’s! …yet I couldnt help noticing something a little “fake” in their punk attitude when I toured with The Gonads. Don’t get me wrong, non-violence is fine by me, but I know that a similar Brit punk crowd would have been a different kettle of fish altogether. How can I explain this…It’s as if I was in a movie about Punk rock, and the director was trying to capture a crowd scene of angry punks, snarling and raising their fists at the camera, but it was just an act. An example: We were playing in Long Beach, and an extremely large guy accidentally knocked the guitarists mike stand into his teeth. The guitarist booted the guy and he went down. I’m thinking “oh no….” but the guy got up, with a rueful look and said to the guitarist, “sorry, man”. I can assure you, no apologies would have been forthcoming in a UK punk gig!!

Another factor in Audience enjoyment is how grateful they are. When I was touring with Graham Oliver’s Saxon some years b ack, we were invited by a Scottish hotel owner to appear at his Hotel. Upon investigation, we found that it was situated out in the wilds, in a tiny village, so tiny the village was the hotel, a phone box, and three cottages! The hotel had a concert hall attached which could hold about 500. We decided it would be great publicity, and sure enough, we had a full page article in one of the National Dailys. The time of the gig came, and although the owner assured us we would have a crowd, we were skeptical. We needn’t have worried. Bikers and Rockers from the remotest areas of Scotland converged like Bees round a honey pot. The building seemed to jump in its foundations that night, sweat ran down the walls,and we rocked. It was one of the greatest gigs of my life. They were so happy we’d turned out for them.

The Russians also go bananas, they love a good night out. The Spanish, those I’ve played to, seem reserved, but it might not be typical.

But, back in the days when I wasn’t so successful, I used to have to earn my living in what I call “bread and butter gigs”. These were invariably on the Northern Club circuit in England. It is a graveyard for budding stars, and you can leave your ego at the door. It will mean nothing in these places. However, surprisingly, some were okay, but there is an area where the club circuit was so bad, our band actually forbade our agent to accept work there. It was Sheffield. Playing to a club audience in Sheffield was like staring Death in the face. I will never, ever, EVER play in one of those places again as long as I live, even if my life depended on it. I would have more self-respect busking in the streets.

When I walk out on the big stages in Europe, I am always grateful for the opportunity, and never ever forget those dark days when I was forced to play to people who looked on with bored indifference.

Kev Moore

The Great Fire of Gaia – 3 –

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The Great Fire of Gaia

As the cities of man fall prey to the ever increasing flames consuming all before them like malevolent demon’s tongues, Zhindu , calling on the golden lifeforce of the tree-peoples council, rescues and restores Petamine, drawing her fully into the Other Dimension.

But her own essence, severely depleted in this selfless act, renders her almost immobile. Zhindu grimly hangs on, determined that Petamine, now whole, should not fall back through the nexus into Gaia’s flaming inferno.

Lorcan and En’kara look on, overjoyed at Petamine’s salvation, but despairing at the weakening of Zhindu, their leader. If she cannot free herself from this energy-sapping torpor, who will lead them?

A continuing Tale by Kev Moore, inspired by the Fantascapes series by Miki

Miki & Kev Moore both on Planet Goodaboom

The Great Fire of Gaia – 2 –

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Gaia 2

The council convened, trying desperately to link their life force to pull yet another of the tree people through to the safety of the Other Dimension, but all at once, a blinding phosphorescence, and the creature began to immolate in the searing heat.

The ensuing blast sent shock waves into the Other Dimension, and the council members bowed under the pressure, fearful that their haven too, would suffer the same fiery fate that was consuming Gaia.

Imperious, the tall, black figure of Zhindu floated amongst the council, her grim determination almost palpable.

“We cannot continue to lose our people like this!” she exclaimed, with quiet, terrible anger.

The three council members began sobbing, and the cool breezes of the Other Dimension caressed their branches, mute to their cries.

A continuing Tale by Kev Moore, inspired by the Fantascapes series by Miki

Miki & Kev Moore both on Planet Goodaboom

The Great Fire of Gaia – 1 –

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Gaia 1

He stared in horror as the red fire began to eat into her lower torso. He swore he could feel the unbearable heat, even though he was safe in the soft cooling breezes of the Other Dimension.

He looked helplessly to E’nkara..

“I cant save her!” said Lorcan

“But look, she’s nearly through!” shouted E’nkara.

They both gazed in horror as the head and shoulders of Petamine reared up in their dimension. Her screams of agony shattered the stillness there.

“She won’t….she can’t survive” gasped Lorcan, “not unless she’s intact.”

They stood, silent sentinels, witnessing the merciful cessation of Petamine’s screams. The portal closed, her ragged torso severed, and already returned to muted wood, a charred, accusatory finger pointing skywards.

“It will claim them all!” whispered E’nkara

“No!” exclaimed Lorcan, head bowed in concentration. “We must help them cross over, before the whole planet becomes a fireball.”

The purple and gold reflections in the cosmos, so beautiful in this, the Other Dimension, caused them to shudder, for they knew that they were but a window onto the fires ravaging Gaia, their lost home.

A continuing Tale by Kev Moore , inspired by the Fantascapes series by Miki

Miki & Kev Moore both on Planet Goodaboom

A Great Fire – a glowing ember thrown up by the explosion of Miki and Susans Fantascape project

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Over the last week or so, I began to feel the rumblings of something, like a large truck hurtling down a distant highway, or the fading aftershocks of a great earthquake…It actually turned out to be the meeting of artistic minds, as my partner Miki, and our friend, the californian artist, Susan Cornelis, began to formulate a project entitled “Fantascapes” , where each would create a new painting, publishing alternately, each inspiring the other, in a spiralling series of creativity. it is a colurful and exciting journey into the unknown, and Susan and Miki kindly suggested I should jump on for the ride. I was flattered, but was preoccupied with putting a solo show together here in Spain.

Miki, in her usual highly effective manner, prompted me that I really ought to do something. So, solo show done and dusted, I took up the baton. And I’m going to run with it. Each painting, in turn, will be the soundboard for a section of a continuing story which will unfold as we go. Miki´s paintings will form the story, Susan´s paintings will form a short film to which I will write an original piece of music whenher series is finished.

I have no idea what will happen. Let’s see where it takes us!

Kev Moore